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BP Claims Update And GCCF News

This BP Claims website is for people that keeps looking at their GCCF claim status every day on the internet and it keeps staying the same with no change, they get a letter in the mail telling them that their case has been denied or is deficient. Let me first tell you don’t give up, you probably have a great claim the GCCF / BP just don’t want to pay it. Now is the time to bring in your BP Claim for us to take a look at and for an attorney to go after the GCCF and BP with a demand letter for your losses.

Finally the time has come to bring the GCCF to justice and for you to get paid your losses.

BP Claims Help

GCCF News about the 6% Attorneys fee On Your BP Claims

Now to begin with this was just stupid and everybody with inside into the BP Claims world knew that it would not hold up and it did not, for about 3 weeks the GCCF was holding back the 6% on every BP claim they paid but now the judge correctly ruled that the 6% does not apply to people that has filed their own BP claim with the GCCF. The 6% fee only applies to people using an attorney to help with their claims. I did not address the fee at the time because it was so clear that it could never hold up, it was just plain stupid and I would judge it as a mistake by the Judge Barbier. I will say one of the very few mistakes he has made during this whole process. Think about this for a second and you will understand how stupid it is. 6% fee on 14 billion dollars is something like 840 million dollars. The 90 attorney’s that are working the case for the plaintiff has said they to date has spend 12 million dollars. Now why would we have to collect 840 million when they have only spend 12 million and they are more than half way done with stuff made no sense. The judge woke up saw his mistake and made the correction.

BP Claims Lawsuit Coming Your Way…. Maybe

Yes it is a big maybe because the DOJ (Department Of Justice) and BP are trying to settle this whole mess out of court as the chances they would both take by going to court are to big, for them not to make a settlement. The good news for people with unpaid BP claims is the timing of the settlement as the MDL (Multi District Litigation) or BP Claims Lawsuit would be up right after the liability trial is over. Now if you have your documents ready its not to late for you to get sign up and get ready for the settlement offers that currently are coming our way fast and  furious.

What does it take you might ask to get in on these settlements going on right now ? It takes a case that has been worked up by an attorney where you have a number on your losses. If you have a number you are getting a settlement offer to get you out of there. We have worked up hundreds  of cases an if you have numbers to back up your BP claim with getting a settlement offer from the GCCF is not that hard, once an attorney presents the GCCF with your final demand letter.

BP Claims and Final Demand Letter Only Attorney’s Can Do It

Now here is what people need to understand about the OPA (Oil Pollution Act ), in it there is rules that needs to be followed by the GCCF, when an attorney makes a final demand on an oil spill claim. Now this is why you need an attorney if you have come to the point where you have given up on the GCCF. If you just take a “Consultant” he will not be able to do an OPA Final Demand Letter on your claim, because what would the “consultant” do if he gets rejected ? He would do nothing because he is just a consultant and he has no powers. He really just have the same powers as you do, and if you have been though the hoops at the GCCF, you know what that is.

No you need an attorney to make the OPA final demand letter to the GCCF, this puts the GCCF on notice that they have 90 days to come with an offer or the attorney will file a lawsuit and demand the money in court.

Now this strategy is working extremely well for Brent Coon & Associates and they are getting most clients paid after their claim has been worked up and submitted to the GCCF with an OPA Final Demand Letter.

Don’t Wait Another Year On Some Wanna Be “Consultant” Doing Your BP Claims

Even before you do it I can tell you exactly how the whole thing will play out. You submit your BP claims to some “consultant” out there with a PHD in BS and he will work up your claim and submit it to the GCCF, after he gets it back with missing documents or denied, he will submit it a couple of more times and eventually he will come to you and suggest that you use an attorney for your BP Claim. When this happens you will have lost another 6-12 month of your life and he will know just the attorney that he will suggest that you go with.

The alternative to this scenario is go with the best attorney there is doing BP Claims, the law firm of Brent Coon & Associates, he will do great trying to first settle your case with the GCCF using the OPA final demand letter, if that does not work he will be the best BP trial lawyer you have ever seen, he will slam BP back to where they came from. If you don’t believe me check out this new website he just put up. http://jailbp.com  Go to the Website and click Like for Facebook and share it with your friends.

Now do you want a “consultant” or an attorney that goes after these scums and tries to hold them accountable for their criminal acts ?

Its not to late to join us and get you BP claim in with Brent Coon & Associates the attorney the owner of this website recommend as the best attorney for your BP Claim.


BP Claims With Brent Coon & Associates.

Now when you get your BP claims in with Brent Coon & Associates you have to get your documents in to their claims department. They are great attorneys over there but they cannot create BP claims out of thin air, you have to send in your documents, so the claims department can work up your BP claims.

This is so important for how long this will take to get you paid. If you have your BP claims already with Brent Coon & Associates and you have not send in documents yet on your losses, get it in now.

No work up can begin before they have you documentation for your loss. I know that most people have send their documents into the GCCF and now they have to send it into Brent Coon, but it has to be done, the sooner the better. Getting you BP Claims to settle fast is partly on you by getting documents to the claims department, no documents means no BP Claims settlement.

GCCF And Tax Documents On Your BP Claims

I understand that lots of people who got paid in 2011 from the GCCF is now looking on the internet to see how this income should be reported to the IRS. Well here is the information that you have been looking for. First off by law the GCCF has to send you a 1099 Misc. Income post marked January 31 2012, give the mail man 14 days from that time before you get it in the mail. This 1099 Misc. Income is what the GCCF has reported to the IRS that they have paid you. This is what you have to report on your taxes under other income.

BP Claims and Taxes

I just spoke with the GCCF this morning to confirm this, and they said anybody that has not gotten their 1099 Misc. Income letter by February 15 2012 should call in and get it resend. If you already know they are going to send this letter to the wrong address call in now and get a new one send out to the correct address.

GCCF Tax On Interim Claim Payments And Quick Payments

So the taxes are the same for any payment received from the GCCF but remember that if you have not taken a final payment yet that trial is fixing to start and you would want to get ready for this part of the show as soon as possible. This means signing up with an attorney for settlement and trial or getting your final paperwork into the GCCF for final payment. If you have gotten a Quick Pay from the GCCF you are done for now but you still have to pay taxes on it as above.

New BP Claims Evaluator

This claims evaluator is made for people that has gotten denied or low balled by the GCCF, it will give you a good idea of what your claim should be worth by answering a few questions about your BP claim. This tool you will find on top of the page its pretty cool and pretty accurate. If you need an attorney to file your claim fill out the form on the right hand side and you will be contacted today by one of our attorneys.

Time to get your BP Claims ready

For all the people that have already sign up and for the people that are still waiting to sign up its very important that you start getting all your paperwork ready and into the accountants. If you have not hear from your account but are sign up with us send me an email at jacob(at)bp-claim.com and I will get you connected again. We are getting very close now to trial 26 days, the media circus will start again probably 1 week before trial and we want to make sure all our people are ready for this.

If you are still not sign up its not to late, the form on the right goes directly to the attorneys and they will tell you what you need. If you have a claim with BP and you have not gotten paid, the GCCF days are over and the attorneys are now coming into play.