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To Be First In Line For The BP Claims Settlement

Today is Tuesday May 29 2012 and we got one week left before the gold rush starts. Next Monday is June 4 2012 and the BP settlement will begin its going to be a rush for all the attorneys to get their cases in first with the BP claims settlement. Lot of people have speculated that the steering committee attorneys would have first dip on getting their BP claims forms in but with the new more complicated system it is really all about manpower, who have the most processors to fill out forms online for their clients.

BP Claims Settlement

When the forms comes online next Monday any attorney with respect for them self will have all their employees at a computer screen filling out forms. Something only an attorney can do as they will get an attorney login/password to handle all their clients.

If you are still with an “Consultant” its time to change horses since they will not have access to submit your claim for you.

BP Claims Settlement Clarifications

Lots of clarifications coming out on how the seafood settlement in some cases will be delayed as it has a cap on there they have to make sure there is enough money to go around. Also BP has their secret opt out number (10%) that they can pull if they want to so the settlement stops. They will probably not use this trump card as the people they are paying would go to the courts and file lawsuits if they don’t get a release from them. So the money will most likely keep flowing for a bit. Remember its an election year and the president has to try and look good to his voters. This fact will most likely help getting money out faster up until November 2012.

Another interesting fact is how complicated the steering committee made these claims forms some of them over 20 pages, very hard for anybody to figure out and fill out with any consistency. Why do you think that is ? Well her is why. They are trying to do two things.

1) Opt Out BP Claims Settlement, that means if you don’t opt out you are considered to be in the settlement, but if you never file a form then you will never get any money. If the time goes to October 1 2012 and you have not filed out a form on opt out you could lose your rights to go after BP.

Now this is very interesting and probably something that will not hold up on appeal. So in most cases the statue of limitation or the time in witch to file a claim is 3 years (most states) but by giving class members only to October 1 2012 they are cutting that 3 years down to 2 years and a few month’s. I think that is going to be a real problem for them on appeal. For now better safe than sorry get your attorney to handle all these deadline for you and make sure that you stay in touch with your attorney about your cases. You will get a number back from the BP claims settlement with what you should be paid. Let the attorney advice you on taking this number or rejecting it before October 1 2012.

2) Get the BP claims to the attorneys for a full work up. For the BP Claims Settlement its easier to process the attorney claims that has all the documents and forms filled out correctly than having people that don’t know this business fill it out by them self. If you are a fisherman how go do you think your attorney would do your job ? Right so don’t try and do the attorney job it will only mess up your claim and get things screw up for you. Concentrate on going out everyday make money in the job you know how to do, let the attorneys do the job they know how to do.

BP Claims Settlement Opt Out or Opt In

This is something you have to find out before October 1 2012. If you don’t know what to do the safe thing to do is to Opt out. Then you have not given away your rights. If you want to see what the BP claims settlement will offer you have your attorney submit your claim for a number they will pay you. If you get a number back before October 1 2012 look at it and take it or reject it. If they slow things down and don’t get you a number before then it would be safer to just opt out.

Here is how you opt out from the BP claims settlement .

To validly exclude yourself from the Economic Class, you must submit a written request stating “I wish to be excluded from the Economic and Property Damages Class.” The request must include your printed name, address and phone number and must be postmarked no later than October 1, 2012. The written request must be signed by the Natural Person or Entity seeking to exclude himself, herself or itself from the Economic Class, even if they are represented by an attorney. Electronic signatures will not be accepted. The request should be mailed to:

Deepwater Horizon Court-Supervised Settlement Program
Exclusions Department
P.O. Box 222
Hammond, LA 70404-0222

It would be smart to have your attorney weigh in on this and you together can figure out what the best thing would be to do in your unique case.

Help With Your BP Claims Settlement

As always we are ready to take your BP claims settlement to the attorneys just fill out a form on this page and you will hear from an attorney. If you feel like you can do it yourself I will warn you that the pit falls in this thing are many and you might end up with nothing at the end of the day. Just a word of advice.

BP Claims Process Update

I just got a letter from the plaintiffs steering committee, well I am not saying the letter was to me, but I got a lot of insight to the process they are building for the new claims process. In this post I will share with you all what is coming.

Submitting of BP Claims In The Settlement

The plaintiffs steering committee are working on their website where they want the attorneys to submit claims electronically to their database. There are a lot of advantages for the attorneys to submit the claims electronic as nothing will ever get lost again like with the GCCF and they are telling the attorneys that they will have access to everything that was already submitted to the GCCF. This is great news for the attorneys and the clients. So every piece of paper that was already submitted to the GCCF will be available to the attorneys when they submit your claim. Now there will be 20-30 different claims forms for the attorneys to select on your behalf in the system. They will have to fill out online the once that fits your claims. Again since this this is an online system documents already in the system to document each claim will be available. The attorney can then upload the documents that might be missing. The new website will be located at Deep Water Horizon Settlements and it will open up for business around June 4 2012.

BP Claims Process update

Talk About How Long The BP Settlement will last

First of this is pure speculation on my part but with all the chatter I am getting from the different attorneys I would like to share this information with my readers. The BP settlement might be short lived as most people I talk to don’t think it will survive the approval process in November 2012. There are some big forces in lawyer world that wants to bring down the settlement for many different reasons. I am not sure exactly how to explain why they want to bring down the settlement but as everybody hopefully now knows for the clients the biggest money comes when the trial  face starts and lots of the lawyers wants this GCCF and BP settlement to be over with so they can go to court and tell the world how bad BP really is. I will say this I am all for that as well. Especially because the lawyer that is leading the charge on this is in my eyes one of the most respected lawyers in America. I know better than to mention names in my blog so I am going to tell you in another way. This way you will have so have the chances to see a great movie. Find a way to get hold of the movie  Puncture and see who saves the day in that movie and you will have your answer. Maybe it does not really matter but just know that the window for the BP settlement is potentially not very big, so if you want to be part of it and not wait for the trial you need to move fast and get your case worked up and submitted to the settlement by an attorney.

Why the BP Settlement People Want Your To Submit Your Case Without An Attorney

Remember the GCCF was telling us in the start that you did not need an attorney as the GCCF was independent ? Well with the letters and announcements going out today for the Deep Water Horizon Settlements (smart not to mention BP ) they are tell you the same thing. Why is that you might ask ? Well if you ask some of the 220,000 people that took Quick Pay from the GCCF and got screwed out of 10,000 or more dollars they might have the answer for you. They want for you to sign a release not to file suit and take the money they offer you. You will get a little bit more in the BP settlement if you go though it by yourself than what the GCCF was offering you. At the end of the day however they will again try to give you the  minimum if you don’t have somebody to protect your rights and to maximize your claim for you. That is what the attorneys are there for is to make sure that you get the money you deserve. I remember me telling everybody this same thing in December of 201o when the Quick Pay came out to not take the Quick Pay before you talk to an attorney. I am not sure a lot of people listen back then but now if you look back it must be clear for most that there is a reason why I am telling everybody to get an attorney to handle your case for you and let them work it up and get the numbers right on your claim.

The attorneys in the steering committee that negotiated this settlement have already gotten their money they have gotten that money in exchange for getting releases out of people not to sue. They have to get as many people in now to sign releases not to sue. They don’t care what kind of money you get, they don’t even care of you think its fair. That is why you need your own attorney looking out for you and your claim in the process.

You need to fill out a form on the right if you don’t have connection with an attorney and we will provide you with the contacts.