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Opt Out Date Moved To November 1 2012

The opt out date for the Deepwater Horizon Settlement just got moved today, from October 1 to November 1 2012.

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We have been talking a lot about the move of this opt out date to get more offers out before people had to decide if opting out was the right thing to do or if staying in the settlement was correct for them.

Deepwater Horizon Settlements Deadline

Now with the pressure mounting on the Deepwater Horizon Settlement to get offers out before the opt out date , our friends at the Deepwater Horizon Settlement have just decided to move the date to November 1 2012. This will give everybody an extra 30 days to get an offer and hopefully get them settled for a good amount.

The extra 30 days for the Opt out is great news for all class members as more offer can be given out, people that have gotten a VOO offer and cannot take it before getting their economical offer will have a better chance to get all their claims back.

This might not be official yet as of August 27 2012, but you hear it here first.

Yes it just became official, here is the order. Deepwater Horizon Settlements opt-outdeadline

Hurricane Isaac Could Bring Oil Back On Beaches.

Just being evacuated today from Navarre Beach Florida and now sitting in a hotel down in Panama City Fl, I will tell all my readers with out a doubt that the oil was sunk. If the right wave action comes from a hurricane that oil could come back to the surface and go back on beaches and houses along the Florida, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana coast lines. I think Louisiana are most at risk since most of the oil was sunk over there with Corexit. I am afraid of Grand Isle and New Orleans what will come in with Hurricane Isaac. This might be the time where mother nature will show everybody what BP did to our gulf, how they sunk the oil. I am praying for everybody in the path of this hurricane as its a big one, might not pack the winds just yet but the size of it is just incredible. The storm surge and possible wind when it finally makes land fall on Wednesday could be very bad for many people and I hope everybody in its path are getting out.


Money Coming From The Deepwater Horizon Settlements

I have check with people close to the Deepwater Horizon Settlements about this possibility and I have gotten positive feed back that there is something about the stories circulating the internet.

Now why would they do that ?

First when you put money on the street like Kent Feinberg did it before November 2010 in “Emergency” payments then people starts to believe that things are working.

Remember when the GCCF did it and everybody went back and signed a final settlement or quick pay with him for peanuts.

Well same thing here don’t pay people for 3 month and then flood the region with money in September right before the opt out date to show people that the system is working and for people to stay in the settlement.

I think this is the strategy they are re-using, already been used once on the brave people of the gulf coast states, now they are thinking we are so dumb down here that we don’t remember when they did it to us the last time.

Come on, just get some other people in there to process the claims, that is really the problem is the people processing the claims.

Deepwater Horizon Settlements Claims Processors

Now when you look at a machine to see what is wrong with it you always find a part that is bad and once your repair that part everything runs smooth again.

Now in this machine its the same thing, there is one bad part in the machine, and actually its the same bad part that was wrong with the GCCF machine. Can you guess it ?

As a good immigrant I have gotten all the internal information the whisleblower has provide down to our friend Jim Hood the Attorney General in Mississippi for him to use it in his fight against overturning the releases people sign because money did not come from the GCCF in a timely manner.

I hope and pray that AG Jim Hood will use this information to help the people that got sucked into a Quick Pay or a final release. To the Deepwater Settlement People please check on your Processing arms. Enough Said.

Contact The Right Oil Spill Lawyer

Make sure that you contact the right Oil spill lawyer if you want to opt out of the settlement or want a lawyer to represent your case. Always contact a lawyer that is not connected to the Deepwater Horizon Settlements as this will give you the best position for both going into the settlement but also for you to opt out and file suit against BP. If you need help fill out the form on this page.