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Live Update From BP Trial

You will now find live BP trial coverage from Dominic Rushe with the English News Paper the Guardian. He is the court room and his live tweets can be seen on the right side bar of this website. This will give you an idea of what is going on at trial and all the truth about BP looks to be coming out. This is also why this trial will not last many days so for now stay tuned with the updates from the trial.

BP Trial Settlement Coming Very Soon

A final settlement where offered by the government and the 5 states involved in the BP oil spill. The final number looks like 16 billion dollar to the government and we don’t know yet what the states have been asking for.

The truth that is coming out at trial and all the companies going at it will not last long. BP is ready to settle at any price. The BP share price was down 2% this morning and just starting trial cost BP about 3 billion in company evaluation. The companies share price is down from $60 before the oil spill to now 3 years later $40 per share. At the height of the spill BP’s share price where at $29

Update on OPA and Deepwater Horizon Settlements.

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