Help With Your BP Claims

BP Are Screwing The People Of The Gulf On Their BP Claims

If you guys did not know it or have not followed by Facebook post lately I am so over BP and their PR machine spending Billion of dollars trying to make BP look like the victim in the public opinion. Screw BP

Jail BP

BP should not be allowed to conduct business in United States, but because the mighty oil runs this country everybody and their brother politicians included are in the pocket of BP. We are all getting screwed by BP and Big Oil And Big Money. We can just bend over and ask for them to do it again. I hate to say it but this is ridicules.

Tell me how they bought off the judges to stop the settlement that they sign and committed to ?

Tell me how they got away with Murder after they where on probation for their last murders in Texas City Explosion.?

The lawyers except for one are just standing back and letting BP’s PR machine tell lie after lie to the press that is bought and paid for with all the advertising BP is running with them already. We need a leader to take this thing to the people. See where who we need.

We need Brent Coon the Texas lawyer that took down BP during the Texas City Explosion to step up and take over the lead ship roll. Visit Brent Coon Website here