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Who Should File A BP Medical Claim ?

In the Deepwater Horizon Settlement new information is now available to residents and clean-up workers and VOO participants. I will try to out line in this post who should fill out a form on this website to talk to our lawyers about filing a medical claim.

The medical settlement is now fully approved and the time has started to count down, so you should act now on submitting your information. Residents up to $36,950 + Hospital expenses.

Residents That Can File A BP Medical Claim

First we have the group that we call residents of the Gulf Of Mexico. This would be people living in the 5 states near the Gulf Of Mexico. They call them Zone A and B residents. To file a claim you would have to be suffering from the following conditions. Between April 20 and have gotten one of these conditions and/or symptoms before September 30 2010.

  1. Vision conditions and symptoms (watering eyes or itchy eyes)
  2. Upper Airway/ Respiratory conditions and symptoms
  3. Stomach conditions and symptoms
  4. Ear, Nose or Throat conditions and symptoms
  5. Skin conditions and symptoms
  6. Heat Related conditions and symptoms (clean-up workers)

These conditions could have happened one time between April and September 2010 or it could be they are still giving you trouble today. If you feel you have a claim submit a form on this website and a great medical law firm will call you and sign you up and get you submitted to the settlement.

Clean-Up Workers With Medical Conditions

The easy way to say it is if you where a clean up worked for the 2010 BP oil spill you should fill out a form and we will call you and ask you some questions. The chance of you having a claim if you where a clean-up worker is pretty big. Clean Up Workers payment up to $60,700 + Hospital expenses

BP Medical Claims Explained

VOO Boat Captains and Crew BP Medical Claims

The same for VOO Boat Captains and Crew, please fill out a form with your contact information and if you are suffering from any side effects from your clean up work. We will help you get paid. $60,700 + Hospital expenses

The most important thing here is to document the medical problems you had right after the BP Oil Spill and the chronic (continue ) medical problems you have to day. By talk with our medical law firm you can find out if and how its related to what you did doing the oil spill.

Its very important for you and your family that all this gets well documented now as more medical conditions will most likely develop down the road and the claim you file now with a law firm will be the foundation to file suit later on.

I hope you take this very serious and to address my point I will give you a small sample from a clean up worker doing the Exxon oil spill  in 1989.”After that summer, some found oil traces in their lungs, in their blood cells, in the fatty tissue of their buttocks. They got treated for headaches, nausea, chemical burns and breathing problems, and went home. But some never got well. Steve Cruikshank of Wasilla, Alaska, has headaches that go on for days. Two years ago, he was hospitalized when his lungs nearly stopped working. “The doctor said, ‘I’m going to give you the strongest antibiotic known to man, and you’re either going to survive or not survive. I don’t know what’s wrong with you.’ What’s wrong is, I haven’t felt right since that oil spill.”

You can read the full story here

Importance Of Having a Medical Law Firm

People that have read my blog since 2010 knows that I am a big fan of a certain Texas law firm that have fought BP for the last 20 years. The medical claims however will not go to that law firm. I think its important that all medical claims goes to a firm that only deals with medical and no economic cases, they have doctors on staff and they will be able to deal with only your medical problems. So all the medical cases are going to a law firm in Florida. I would like to get you medical claim into this law firm as well, even if you have already submitted your claim to the Deepwater Horizon Medical Settlement I would like for you to consider get a law firm on your side. This is a big deal today but it might be a huge deal in 10-20 years.

BP Medical Claims Lawyer Hot Line 1-888-842-524

What Is Making You Sick Is The Corexit

“While the use of Corexit was considered a preferable solution than coating the Gulf coast with oil, no doubt, the billions spent paying for illnesses it caused may prove that decision questionable”


I will leave you with one more clip form the Alaska oil spill.

The lungs of Tim Burt of Seldovia, Alaska, were coated with oil while he was steam-cleaning oil tanks. As his lungs began to fail, he got wrenching headaches. None of the painkillers was strong enough. ” ‘Just kill me,’ he’d say. ‘I can’t stand the pain anymore,’ ” recalls his sister, Sandy Elvsaas. Burt died in 1995 of a drug overdose. “He figured he had nothing to lose. He was dead already.”

Only 25% Of BP Settlement Cases Have Been Paid

To add insult to injury, the U.S. Government is now removing the sanctions on new drilling imposed against BP after the Deepwater tragedy. This is known as a debarment proceeding.  The EPA is charged with this oversight, and in spite of 15 fatalities in Texas City, the Alaska pipeline disaster, the Deepwater rig explosion killing 11 more, a guilty plea and $200 million in penalties for price fixing, $87 Million in additional OSHA fines for unsafe work practices and the fact that they have received over 95% of ALL knowing violations for OSHA workplace rules in the entire petrochemical industry, this prohibition was removed. No public hearings, no more Congressional inquiries (such as the one BP executives lied at on the amount of oil spilling into the gulf and their lack of forewarnings).  BP was on Probation for FELONY MANSLAUGHTER convictions when the Deepwater rig exploded, and that probation subsequently lapsed with no fanfare either.

Right now BP is undertaking a massive public relations and litigation strategy to get out of paying most of the claimants suffering from the results of BP’s own reckless abandon and thirst for oil and at the same time our own government is taking their foot off BP’s neck, when they PROMISED that they would stay on them until full reparations had been made.

Presently only 25% of the claims submitted to the Deepwater Settlement program were honored before BP sought injunctive relief on paying any future claims, and that doesn’t take into account that this settlement still carved out hundreds of thousands of victims who worked in industries such as gaming, real estate, financial, municipal and offshore.  None of them have any recourse yet, nor do they have any date in the future to even contemplate any resolution, as BP has put all of them on ice indefinitely.   

BP Settlement Brent Coon

 The “additional requirement” that BP live up to  a set of standards going forward with the EPA is a joke, as they were ostensibly working under such standards after the plea agreement for manslaughter in Texas City only to be fined again by OSHA for FAILURE TO LIVE UP TO THE SETTLEMENT AGREEMENT…the very thing that everyone is charging them with now on the Economic & Property Damage Settlement emanating from negotiations in the MDL 2179 proceeding in New Orleans.  BP even failed to negotiate a compromise with the government on the damages owed for the spill to the United States, which forced a protracted trial and further delayed resolution to all of the other claims.  Even now they are awaiting a decision on that matter, one which they will also likely appeal”.

I don’t know what is more unconscionable, what BP did in the first place, or what the government is doing now as part of BP’s  “punishment”. 

If you want Brent Coon to take a look at your BP Claim please fill out a form on this website or call 1-888-842-5246