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Help With Your BP Claims

80,000 BP Claims Filled in two Weeks

I guess people are really understanding what this oil spill has done to their life and their income, as more than 80,000 people has file a BP claim in the last 2 weeks, as the deadline of November 23 2010 approaches people are has to file their BP claim now. Just remember to file your BP claim with supporting paperwork it will not go though the system if you don’t have any paperwork supporting your claim. visited by 12,000 people in 2 weeks

I can see on the stats of this website that things are heating up with more than 12,000 people visiting in the last 2 weeks, and browsing more than 45,000 pages on this website, giving me a good idea that people are searching for information about how to file their BP claim. With more than 100 articles on the topic, by doing a little search on this website you should be able to find answers to most your questions.

Mental Health BP Claims

If we could just get the mental health BP claim on the table with Mr. Feinberg I think most problems we are having in the gulf state communities will be able to be solved by filing a BP claim

If you are still not sure if you have a BP claim to file or not browse around on this website and see all the different possible claims you might have against BP if you live in the gulf coast cities. I just hope that they money coming into the economy from BP will do some good for the people receiving it and for the future of this region.

BP Claims Fraud

Mr Feinberg expects some of the BP claims that are coming in to be “fraud” as not enough paperwork has been attach to the claim, where prof of the loss has been established. I say the burden of prof are on BP to establish the lost has not happened and that money should not be paid out. Also what about all the stalling for time that Mr. Feinbergs team are doing to make sure that the BP Claims fund does not run out of money. Right now they are maybe sitting on only $2 billion dollars having paid out 1 billion in the last month. As you might remember BP promised to pay $20 billion into the fund but has only paid 3 billion up to this point.

So I say go file your BP Claim if you have in anyway been affected by the oil spill tragedy that BP has put us though