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Help With Your BP Claims

A Game-Changer for your BP Claims Lawsuit

The news out Yesterday that a US investigation found evidence that both Halliburton, and  BP knew that there where problems with the cement used at the oil well, has changed the odds and value of the protential winning from a BP claims lawsuit filed against these two defendants.

Positive news for a BP claims lawsuit

This findings will most likely mean that a claim of gross negligence against both Halliburton and BP is likely. This could mean billion of dollars in damages and it will for sure raise the level of Final Claims Payments that the oil spill fund will offer because they know the potential for a large BP claims win if people take their case to court.

Halliburton and BP Claims Lawsuit

Halliburton a multi billion dollar company with potential huge liability in the oil spill, is now fair game for all people with a BP Claim. We should start naming it Halliburton Claims I guess as it looks like they was as much at fault as BP in what happened on April 20 2010 with the gulf rig explosion and oil spill that followed. They have just tried to stay away from the problem and not dealt with it like BP has.

People going with an attorney and filing a BP claims lawsuit are loving this new development, as before one might have though that BP and Hallburton would mount a defence together, now what might happen is they will start blaming each other and this will only help the BP claims lawsuit and attorney’s fighting for the victims of the oil spill.

The largest oil spill in US history has cost BP  until today 11.2 Billion dollars, and amount BP will surely sue Halliburton for as they have now been found liable for the oil spill together with BP. These court cases between BP and Halliburton should only help with BP wanting to pay off the people with a final claims payment.