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Help With Your BP Claims

About Me

jacob malherbeThank you for stopping by my blog my name is Jacob Malherbe and I live on Navarre Beach in Florida, I started to write my blog in June of 2010 because BP destroyed my beach with their oil and clean up people.

I got worried about all the people that where loosing their job in my small town of Navarre Beach and I needed BP to start paying them some money so everybody could get back on their feet after a terrible tourist season in 2010.

Now I am still writing about this over 2 years later because many people have still not gotten paid.  I hope this blog helps you and I am also writing on Facebook   and Google +

If you have filed out a Free case review wait for the attorneys to give you a call about your case and they will advice you on what to next and how you get involved with the attorneys to handle your case for you.