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Help With Your BP Claims


I hope this blog has helped you in the process of dealing with BP and the GCCF that was the intent of this website. So I started to write this blog in May 2010 to keep up with what was happening and how people got helped from BP. Since then lots of things has happened some good but lots of bad also. I am not a writer and I am sure that it shows in many places on the blog, I am from Europe and came here in 1994. I hope its understandable what I write and I hope you all can feel my Passion for the topic. I move to Florida in 2009 and have lived here on the beach ever since loving Florida and the out doors.

It has been my goal to write for the people that needed help with their claims form or what documentation to submit with the claims form. It started to become obviouse for me in November that the GCCF was not independent of BP and people had to fight for a fair compensation. When I saw that I found the best lawyers out there dealing with the oil spill and setup a system where they could help the readers of this blog.

I will always tell a person to go do the claim with GCCF first before bringing in the lawyers, but at some point you might have to if the GCCF does not see things the same way you see it. Its always a good thing to have when a claim is large over $100,000 as there is a lot at stake to get the right settlement from GCCF.

As many of you readers know I am living near Pensacola Beach and I am living with the effects of the oil spill every single day, I see it in tourism numbers and in the seafood coming in at the docks. I don’t use the ocean any more as I am just afraid of what stuff is out there right now. I hope this will get better with time as I love the ocean.

I think at this point it goes without saying that I am not associated with GCCF or BP in any way, I would put myself at the other spectrum that I am a fighter for the victims against the BP and the GCCF. I will do a lot to help people out just because the whole situation is so on fair to me. First the oil spill then the collapse in the economy because of the oil spill, and then the GCCF not being fair with the claims money.

I will end this with a Joke I hear in Alabama the other day.

What is BP’s plan with the Florida Beaches ? Pave them, the tar isĀ  free