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Help With Your BP Claims

Alternatives to a BP Claim

Sine we have all seen the poor job Mr. Kenneth Feinberg has done over the last month in getting claims assessed  and  . This has created lots of frustration and hardship in the small towns along the gulf of mexico. The oil spill has destroyed the lifes of  many families and the wait for bp payments has been more than many people could take.

The BP claim  alternative

Bp Claim victims that has applied to the National Pollution Fund center are reporting fast intake of their claim and direct contact to their adjuster through the process. The National polution fund center is available to people with a BP claims that has been rejected by BP Claims offices or people with a BP claim that is now over 90 days old.

If you are not happy with the way the BP claim process are going you can submit a claim to the national pollution fund center, the national pollution center warns that health problems and  physical injuries are not accepted by them. For these claims an attorney would be better if your have been rejected by the BP claim system.

The oil spill law says that a spill victim with an oil spill claim must first approach the responsible party — this would be BP. Mr Feinberg has represented them since August 23 2010. If it has taken 90 days and no decision has been made by BP then a claim can be filed with the National Pollution fund center. In this case the claim would be considered by both BP and by the national pollution fund center. You can not get a double payment ofcourse but you can have the National Pollution fund center pay any portion of your claim that BP does not cover.

Lets take an example here. You have a strong BP claim for $14,000 in lost wages, BP pays you $6,000 and hope to be done with you, in this case you can make another claim to the National Pollution Fund Center for the difference between your original claim $14,000 and the $6,000.

Another important difference between the BP claim setup under Mr. Feinberg is that they will pay you a final payment after 6 month, the National pollution fund center can pay you monthly in up to 3 years for lost income due to the oil spill.