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Help With Your BP Claims

Apply For The BP Settlement

I guess that is the question I have gotten the most over the last few days so let me try and explain this part a little better. First off you would have to be in one of the BP settlement categories that I have explained in the BP Settlement overview.

BP Settlement

Be Part Of The BP Settlement

If you feel like you have a good claim against BP after reading the BP settlement over view page then you should fill out a form on the right side of this page. After you fill out the form you will be taken to an attorney page where you have to fill out more information about your BP claims.

Now this will get you started on your BP oil spill settlement if the attorneys accept your BP claim then you next steep would be to provide the attorneys with documentation supporting your claim.

Right now the judge wants to have the final BP settlement back from BP and the attorneys on April 16 a little over a month from now. After that the BP settlement will start to pay out to people with claims within 30 days of April 16 so that would make it May 16 or about 2 month from now. You would want to be first in line when the settlement starts paying out to people with BP claims so fill out the forms and request for representation with the attorneys now.

GCCF In Transition Before The BP Settlement Starts Up

As I reported on many post back the GCCF was closing and now a transition claims facility has opened up to take claims from people. Today if you where to file a claim, you would have your attorneys do it for you as the offices and website of the GCCF is not in operation anymore.

People that have claims in with the GCCF should get an attorney so the BP settlement process will run smooth once it has been established. Also in the instance where you claim is not right for the BP settlement the attorney should advice you to opt out of the settlement.

What Claims Are Not Right For The BP Settlement ?

First off there are going to be claims that are not right for the settlement as I see it those claims are bigger economical claims that are risking way to much opting in for the BP settlement.

The risk with the BP settlement as I see it is the Opt in feature, where once you Opt in you cannot Opt out again. Read the article on BP settlement here

So if you get an offer from the BP settlement that you don’t like you can appeal it to the courts where a judge will look at the offer you got.

You can never opt out and file a lawsuit and go to trial with your case however.

This in my mind produces some risk with opting in to the settlement even though the BP settlement is supposed to be transparent there still is a risk that the offer you are going to get is not what you want.

Let me clarify this with an example. If the GCCF told you to file a claim with them and before you know if they are going to pay you anything they would ask of you to sign a release to never file suit against BP to process your claim.

Now the BP settlement process is going to be more transparent than the GCCF process but still you are risking a lot when you opt in to the settlement and that is where you need good advice from your attorney before you do so.