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Help With Your BP Claims

BP Claim Process

Two months ago Mr. Feinberg visited the gulf of mexico and promised 48 hour turn around time on all BP Claims, today he is back down to the gulf coast offering more apologies as the BP claim process has come to a grinding hault. Leaving angry gulf coast residents wanting their BP claim check and wanting Mr. Feinberg to deliver on his promises.

BP Claim Process Hits A Wall

The biggest problem with the tens of thousands of  claims  already with BP claim centers around the gulf coast states is lack of documentation for the claims people are having. Mr. Feinberg are using this as his major defence in why the BP claim process has hit a wall. He is acknowledging that he underestimated the time it would take to sort through the tens of thousands of applications for emergency aid, many of them woefully undocumented.

BP Claim Process longest 48 hours of my life.

The BP claim mess up has made many angry people come to Mr. Feinberg for results for payment on their claims, but right now all he can promise is “we will do better”, I suggest you don’t take that to the bank as they will laugh in your face.

Great article in New York Times about the BP claim process and the troubles that so many people are now facing because of the slow payment of claims.

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