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Help With Your BP Claims

BP Claims Attorney Rates 25% For Everybody

The judge came out with a new memo today saying that all attorney rates should be 25% and that nobody should pay anymore than 25% to their attorney from this date forward.

This is great news for everybody, well I guess maybe not the attorneys but I am sure they will survive.

For all readers and clients that have sign up though this website are not by mandate of the judge at 25% attorneys fees.

Most people before was on 33 1/3 % so this would be a saving of 8 1/3% or I guess $8,333 per $100,000 so great news for all I will say.

The Right Attorney For Your BP Claims Settlement

From my experience the processing of BP claims and now Deepwater Horizon Settlement claims is a big job for most law firms as the amount of claims that needs an attorney and disaster CPA processing, not regular accounting. The kind of accounting that can look into what would have been if not for the BP oil spill.

This is how you really have to look at most Deepwater Horizon Settlement Business claims and many personal claims.

How much money would you have made had it not been for the BP oil spill ?


How Is The Deepwater Horizon Settlement Doing ?

From what I have seen from the Deepwater Horizon Settlement, they have really not gotten started processing yet. I can confirm this by a two floor office space in the middle of New Orleans that is still standing empty.

This is supposed to be their main office, but according to my sources there have not been anybody there in 2 weeks.

Another thing that talks against any speed in the Deepwater Horizon Settlement is the fact that we have not seen any offers come yet from the Deepwater Horizon Settlements to any of the 15,000 clients that I personally would know about.

These 15,000 clients of 3 law firms have submitted more than 5,000 claims but still not one offer have come back from the Deepwater Horizon Settlements.

If you read back in the information from the Deepwater Horizon Settlement people on what they have said, I see they are saying they needed a 30 day ramp up period that should be done on July 4.

I know right wait wait wait, its like something we have done before with the GCCF. But I still think this will be different and people will start seeing money in July and August.

Now its important to understand the deadlines in this game October 1 2012, if you have not gotten an offer before then, my suggestion would be to opt out and get with a lawyer before then so they can handle it for you.

The reason why is because after October 1 2012 if you have not opt out you are stuck with whatever the Deepwater Horizon Settlement offers you.

If you can get an offer before October 1 2012 this would be the best as you then have all your options open.

What Should You Do Now?

Fill out the form on the right hand side, let the attorneys give you a call and talk to them about your claim.

After they have talked to you they will tell you if they are ready to take you claim at 25% rate to handle all the processing and CPA work for you. It will not cost you anything before you get money from the Deepwater Settlement.

This is a deal and its there for the taking. People that have already sign up will also get this lower rate  no matter when you signed up.

If you have already been paid then no you are stuck with the deal you had back then.

After you sign up with the attorneys its time for you to sign all the documents that needs to be signed for the attorneys to represent you.

Also you need to get the documents together that they will ask for. Your documents will then go to disaster processing where your future and past losses will be calculated.

The attorneys will find as many losses as they possibly can as this will increase your claim value. The attorneys will also make sure that no important deadlines are passed.

Like the October 1 2012 deadline or the November deadline.  If your claim is not right for the Deepwater Horizon Settlements they will tell you and get you submitted directly to BP.

If you are not sure that you can do it yourself because your are busy with other stuff and would like for somebody to handle your claims with a personal touch fill out a form today.