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BP Claims Experience

For todays post I have selected to post an experince of a lady that does beach weddings in Panama city beach, I hope other will join the discussion and post their experience Good or Bad with the BP Claims process below in the comments.

Here is her story:

My experiences with BP have been horrible—-I do have a documented loss, (about $20,000 for May and June), I am an incorporated business that only provides beach weddings on Panama City Beach and I have a CPA who put together a complete narrative and breakdown of my losses based on 3 years of tax returns and the loss of profits this year since the oil spill.

In my experiences with the local BP claims office, I was passed to three different adjusters after my first adjuster said he couldn’t handle any more “hysterical women” that day when I filed my claim.

Later that week when I called in to check on my claim, my new adjuster hung up on me on the phone when I told him that all the paperwork he was telling me bring in (in addition to the 65 page claim my CPA put together for them) was just stalling tactics so that BP did not have to pay out any money.

When I finally got another adjuster on the phone I was told I would receive a check for $6300.00 (if I brought in more paperwork of course) and when I went to go get it, the check was for only $5000.00.

My adjuster told me I misunderstood what was said because I wasn’t listening to him and that’s why the check was for only $5000.00.  When I told him I knew exactly was I was told, he said I could maybe get the missing $1300.00 if I brought in—you guessed it—more paperwork.

I was also told I could go do weddings on other beaches, like Michigan, and that Panama City Beach claimants would not receive compensation because we had not had oil wash up on our beaches.

When I told my adjuster that we had tarballs, sheen and two tanks from the blown up rig wash up on our shore within days of each other, he told me that BP could not pay claims for “the public’s perception of what the beaches may experience when it comes to oil”

In other words, if a bride is worried that our beaches were going to have oil (and the oil was just a few miles off-shore during June) and decides that she does not want to book a Panama City Beach wedding because there was a high chance that oil would be on our beaches and the beaches would be closed, then BP isn’t responsible for that because no oil ever came ashore.  Apparently tarballs are not oil, according to BP claims adjusters.
It’s been a long three months of being jerked around by incompetent BP adjusters and the claims process is a huge joke.  If it didn’t involve my making a living, I think I would actually laugh about it!

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