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Help With Your BP Claims

BP Claims Settlement Application

You see the news about the BP Claims Settlement and you are trying to find out how you and your family get in on that to get paid for any claim you might have in connect to the BP oil spill. Well this post is to try and help you with any BP claims you might have that you could put into the settlement and how you apply for it.

First if you live on the beach there is a good chance that the BP oil spill had some impact on your paycheck or impact on your health as BP was spray Corexit all over the place to hide the oil from the media.

If you have a business on the water or in the tourist industry most likely you have claim for loss of future earnings. If you had a house you where renting out for tourist coming in for the summer, or where living in a house on the water in 2010 you have a claim. If you sold your house from May 2010 – December 2010 you have a claim. I could go on and on, so its important that you let an expect look at your situation and let them find all your claims.

What Do I Need To Do To File For My BP Claims Settlement ?

First off you have to get your claim into an attorney to go though the attorney BP settlement and the way you do that is to fill out a form with your contact information so the attorney can call you and talk to you about the possible claims you have. Don’t waist your time with a person that know of a person that can do it for you. I have had way to many phone calls from people that did not go with an attorney and are still waiting for payment. So go with an attorney on this you will be glad you did.

Once you have talked to the attorney and he has found your claims, its your turn to prove those claims with as much information as you have. The BP Claims settlement does allow for people getting paid that does not have all documentation, but the amount you will be paid is less. So get as much information to the attorney as you possibly can proving your case.

Once the attorney has gotten all your information his staff that are trained in disaster recovery will go though the claim and come up with a number of your losses and then add the multiplier to that number and that should be your BP settlement compensation. Once he is done he will submit it as an attorney claim against the BP settlement fund.

The BP settlement fund will understand that your claim was worked up by an attorney and your claim will get the special attention it needs from the BP Claims settlement fund.

The next thing you will know is the attorney will call you up with a number that the BP settlement has come back with to award you and you have the chance to accept that number and get a check.

The attorney will not be paid for his work before you get money from the BP settlement so no money out of pocket for you on this, only money coming in.

To get started fill out a form on this website and talk to an attorney about your claim today.

Help Your Family and Friends Get Money From The BP Settlement

After you are setup with an attorney why not share the information of the BP settlement with your friends and family so they also can get their share of the money given out by BP for the 2010 oil spill. Most people have friends and family that are in the same situation and effected the same from the BP oil spill.

bp claims settlement

Just click on the image and like the BP settlement and then share it on Facebook with your friends and you have done yours to help everybody with getting paid by BP for their 2010 oil spill. From this end I thank you very much for your help.

Shrimping Season Starts Today In Gulf OF Mexico

In other news the shrimping season are starting today in the Gulf of Mexico, in the areas still open for shrimping. The biggest problem we saw last week was the reports of shrimp being caught with out eyes and the waters around Alabama was closed down. Later in the week the government came out and said the reason for the closure was because of the shrimp being to small. I have seen enough episodes of 24 and hear enough to see when the government are trying to pull a fast one on us and I think that is the case here. So its something to keep and eye on. I will hear later today from seafood processors on how the catches where if there is any problems out there and I will let you guys know. If the shrimps are not out there in a condition where they can be caught and sold look out for the shrimp processors that already got a bad deal in the BP claims settlement with not getting the same multipliers as the shrimp harvesters. We will see how this one goes.

BP Claims Settlement Deadlines and Final Approval.

The BP Claims Settlement is not up for final approval until November 2012, and the money will be paid out starting on June 3 2012. So I expect we have 6 month to get as many people paid as possible before the BP claims settlement get busted on appeal. That is what most attorneys I talk to expect will happen, the BP claims settlement will not last through the appeals process. So its very important that people that want money from the settlement get their paperwork and claims into the attorneys now. After the BP claims settlement gets busted the trial or a new settlement will see the light of day. Nobody know the only thing that is certain is each time the money will get better for the really good business claims.