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Help With Your BP Claims

BP Claims Settlement Help

If you have been thinking about filing for money from BP for your losses in 2010 we are the original BP Claims website helping people since May 2010 getting their money from first BP and since then GCCF.

We work with attorneys to get the best result for your BP settlement and to make it free to get your claim processed. You only pay the attorneys after you get money from BP and the fee you pay is set by the courts 25% of your claim amount. The attorneys will do all the work for you in processing and collecting the right documents to get your case approved and paid by the BP settlement.

To get started now fill out a free case review and we will guide you though the process.

GCCF Denials or Deepwater Horizon Settlements Denials

If you had a claim in with the GCCF and got denied or with the Deepwater Horizon Settlements and got denied its important you contact us and we file it again with the BP settlement. Attorneys will look at your paperwork and cure what you are missing to get money with sworn statements or other paperwork that makes your case complete for payment. Don’t give up let us get you money from the BP settlement, if we can’t its free if we do you will pay 25% to the attorneys after you get your money.

How Should You File With The BP Settlement

If you tried on your own and you don’t see any movement on your BP claim with the class settlement you should let us take over your case. Put the fear on an attorney behind you case and see it move in the system. It will cost you 25% but hi you are getting money faster this way.

If you are working and living on the beach or in the tourist zones of the Gulf of Mexico you should file a claim, there is a very good change you will have money coming.

If you are a seafood harvester or seafood whole seller or retailer there is a very good chance you have money coming to you if you let us build your BP claims up and submit it to the court supervised settlement.

If you had a business that relied on tourist, there is a very good change that you have money coming. Even construction business have already gotten money though the BP settlement. All business claims gets special attention in the class settlement and not filing is leaving money on the table. If you don’t want to deal with it let the attorneys do it for you and let them do all the work.

BP Settlement for individuals with loss of income

This is the biggest group of people where the class settlement has said they will pay them well 3.5 times their 2010 losses if they are in the tourist industry. So waiters, bartenders, hotel cleaning people and other tourist affected jobs will be paid in the class settlement. If you are not seeing your case moving let us take it over for you and help you get paid.

For most individuals, we can get you paid in the BP settlement. If we can’t its free. Let us cure any deficiency notices you might have gotten from the court settlements. If they have denied you claim let us take a look at it to make sure they are right. Don’t give up.

People That Filed With The GCCF / Gulf Coast Claims Facility

Now if you filed with the GCCF and got paid a final or a quick pay for now you are done and there is nothing more you can do.

If you did not get paid a final payment or a quick pay if you where denied or deficient with the GCCF, you still need to contact us an let us file your case again with the BP settlement. We can get all the paperwork you filed before at the GCCF from them so you don’t have to produce the paperwork again, but you have to let us file your claim again to get you the money you deserve.

Why I am helping people with their BP Claims

You can find more about me from my facebook page and become a friend to see the latest updates. But in 2010 I am running my own business out of Navarre Beach Florida and BP’s Oil came to our beaches and it made me so mad that I stopped what I was doing and started helping people get compensation from BP. After the first year more than 400,000 people had visited my website and gotten help from me writing about the BP claims process. In the start I was tell everybody to get their money on their own, but the more BP has dragged this thing out the more Pro lawyer I have become and now I advice everybody to get an attorney and for them to handle it for you. I have seen the difference a lawyer will make on somebodies case first hand. A client of mine started up an is cream shop in a tourist area only to shut down after the BP oil spill because the tourist did not come. We got this client over $400,000 just 3 weeks ago with the help of the attorneys. A jet ski tourist business had losses in 2010 from the bad tourist season and just accepted an offer for $350,000 with the help of the attorneys. It makes a different if you are represented by an attorney or not in the court supervised BP settlement. If you need representation fill out a Free case review now and we will get started on your case right away.