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Help With Your BP Claims

BP Claims Should Not Go To The GCCF Anymore

I know that is a pretty strong statement but in another 2 weeks the GCCF might be a thing of the past handling your BP claims.

That is because the judge or a settlement will take the made up numbers from the GCCF and make it something much bigger, more realistic. It will be a multiplier  that has been settled though mediation or ordered by a judge. It will be Legal.

BP Claims Time For the Real Money

For people not quite understanding what I am talking about let me explain. So in August 2010 the GCCF comes along a makes up  a plan for how people should get paid for their damages.

Not base in the law but just something they come up with and to get paid you have to go along with their plan and sign a contract not to file suit against BP in the future.

Nobody could really do anything about it until now.

That is because it has taken this long to get the case ready for trial and ready for the real multipliers to your losses base on a settlement between BP and the attorneys or base on a judge in New Orleans ruling on BP liability for the oil spill.

So if you have gone this long and not gotten paid, guess what now comes the time where the real money is handed out not the small check that the GCCF was paying you but the real money. This will more correctlyl capture your loss in 2010 and many many year into the future for what BP did to your potential earnings when they let oil on our beaches. The BP Claims process will never be the same.

What does this mean to your BP claims business or personal.

First things first if you are thinking about taking a settlement from the GCCF right now don’t do it no matter what, as you are 14 days away from knowing what the new numbers are going to be.

Take all the interim money they offer you but don’t sign off on a BP final settlement right now wait for the settlement or trial to give you the real numbers to settle for.

Went Out Of Business Because Of BP Oil Spill

If you had a business that went under, the new rules will dictate what the GCCF fail to do, that BP bought your business from you at the time of the BP oil spill.

So that would mean a 5 to 10 times multiplier on your profits of the business. This is standard practice when somebody puts you out of business and its their fault that they will buy your business at the time of their act.

This has always been something the GCCF has failed to see but that will be a big thing in the new settlement or judges ruling.

What You Should Do With Your BP Claims Now

Right now you wait and all you have to do is wait for 14 days, that is it and you will know the new landscape of the BP claims world. Will it be a settlement or a judges order ?

We don’t know at this time but we know with certainty that the money are going to be bigger after the trial date.

How do we know this ? First off its not reasonable to think the attorneys would settle for what their clients could get today though the GCCF.

Secondly the judge will take into account what the GCCF forgot to think about when they came up with their plan of attack. THE LAW.

What The Law Will Do To You BP Claims Number

That is right, the law that the judge is going to be using is the OPA (Oil Pollution Act ). I have read it and it does not say that a fisherman has to all of a sudden make Profit/Loss statements to prove to the GCCF what his losses where, when he has never done this in his business before.

It does not say that you should be paid for the 8 month in 2010 and then for 10 month in 2011.

What it does say, how ever is that the burden of proof lies with BP. They have to prove that you did not have the loss that you are asking for.

They have to prove that your business was not affected by  the Oil Spill of 2010. Not the other way around like the GCCF has made you believe.

So this is a whole new ball game where you can take your case to trial if they (GCCF, BP, NEW NAME) does not pay your BP claims.


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