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Help With Your BP Claims

BP Claims Submitted To GCCF At 99%

I am happy to report to the people that have submitted their BP claims though this website that 99% of all BP claims has been submitted to the GCCF as of today. That means that all the claims that was forwarded to attorney’s from this website are in the process at GCCF or has already been paid by the GCCF.

GCCF payment

GCCF are paying these groups well

For the group that has already been paid by the GCCF we have found some nice trends that I would like everybody to know about so you can tell your friends and family to stop by an submit their BP claims on this site.

Deck hands and charter boat capt. We see that Deckhands are getting up to $60,000 for their claims even with not great records, we are seeing Charter boat captains  getting 4-5 times future loss paid.

Oyster Men are getting paid up to 6 times 2010 losses, if you have oyster leases or have an oyster boat fill out a form and let us show you what is possible.

Another group that we are seeing getting paid well are servers we are seeing $36,000 being paid on smaller losses, so future pay is being given to servers. If you know of a server that has been impacted by the oil spill tell her or him about and tell them to fill out a form and we will get them paid.

Yet another group that we have really been able to help are Taxi drivers, GCCF are paying their claims as far south as key west and they are paying them very well. Again a factor 4-5 on their losses. If you have contact to anybody that drives a Taxi in the coastal communities or even Tampa we can get them paid well for the losses their saw during 2010 BP oil Spill. Even whole Taxi companies would be great to handle all their drivers. Give me a call and I will get everybody started.

Finding People With GCCF Claims That Are Getting Denied

If you are out there in the local community and you talk to people that has gotten their GCCF claims denied let me hear from them or tell them to fill out a form, lots of times its a question of documentation and what category they land in at GCCF if they get denied or if they get approved. We can help with all that making sure that your friends and family are getting paid for the BP oil spill.

Accountants with GCCF Claims that has been denied or under valued

If you as an account are sitting with GCCF cases that has been under valued by the GCCF or denied let me hear from you though the form or give me a call. There are other ways to get value from these case and get them approved. We are going to leave no person or business behind we want to get everybody paid by the GCCF or at trial by BP

So make contact with us if you are an accountant and you have companies that has lost money because of the BP oil spill. You could have lost money in 2010 and 2011 and still be paid by the GCCF. A heads up to accountants look at what area’s of the business that did bad because of the oil spill, does not matter if the company made up for it in other areas if one area of their business was affected by the BP oil spill we get money for that area. Another thing that are really important is the trend the company was on before the oil spill, look at what could have been was it not for the BP oil spill.

GCCF is not unreasonable if you present them with the right documentation if you have been denied don’t give up contact us.