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Help With Your BP Claims

BP Claims:Things you Must Know

The damaged brought about by the largest accidental oil spill in human history facilitated many BP claims in the United States. The BP Company, together with the Obama administration, released a $20 billion trust fund to pay the victims of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. Before you file your claims, here are the things you must understand about the procedure.

BP Claims


BP Claims Eligibility

If your income has been affected by the accident, you are eligible to make a claim for losses from the company. Individual BP claims are easier to facilitate compared to large businesses. If you suffer from body injuries, loss of earning capacity or experience damage of properties, all you need to do is to contact the various websites set up to assist the victims. Experts will handle your case and determine your eligibility.

BP Claims Requirements

The requirements to facilitate your BP claims vary depending on your personal circumstances. Photographs of damaged properties, cleaning receipts, proofs of income, wage loss statements, income tax return, and other documentation must be ready upon request to facilitate faster release of payments. For damages higher than $5,000, an on-site inspection from the claim adjuster is needed.

Amount of BP Claims Payment

The claim adjuster, together with experts, will determine the amount of damage incurred. The submitted documents serve as their basis in computing the amount of payment. To ensure transparency and fair process, the United States Coast Guard oversees the whole procedure.

BP Claim Waiting Time

The most important factor affecting your BP claims is the availability and legitimacy of documentation. To ensure faster processing, be ready with all your supporting papers. You can make a follow-up through contacting their toll-free number and provide the representative with your claim number, name and address.

Even in the midst of disaster, you can still rise up and start a new life. File your BP claims now to get assistance for your recovery.