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Help With Your BP Claims

BP Claims Start Here

If you are new to this site let me give you a quick start guide for your BP Claim Forms Online. This website has been here since July 3 2010 and I have been blogging about BP  since then. That is why I have the answer to almost any question concerning the BP claims process or now the BP settlement process. We offer BP Claims Free Review

I am not an attorney but just a guy living in Florida on the beach being mad about what BP did to my ocean people that I love and the economy in general down here. So follow along with this post and get a crash course in what to do with your BP claims at this point. If your BP Claims Still Unpaid we can help you get the money you deserve.

If you want to Check Claim Status you need to go to the Deepwater Horizon Settlement website. All claims in GCCF are now closed and you will have to fill out a new claims form over at Deepwater Horizon Settlements. Again if you need GCCF BP Claim Help we can help you but the forms will be submitted to the Deepwater Horizon.

BP Claims Process Guide

Step one: Does you BP claim fit in the new BP settlement that was just released. The general answer is Yes if you are in the tourist business or the seafood business.

Tourist Industry, Seafood, Restaurants, rentals, VOO,

So if you work for a company that was depending on tourist to buy their products or services and you lost hours or your job you fit perfect in the BP settlement. If you where harvesting shrimp or processing seafood you also fit good in the BP settlement.

If you where a construction worker that lost work because the people relying on tourist did not make any money in 2010 so your jobs with them got canceled, its not for sure that the BP settlement is the best way to go.

Step two: If your claim fits in the BP settlement the next thing to do is go an learn about the BP settlement and get you a BP settlement attorney. You can first learn about the BP Settlement at our sister site where I have put all the BP Settlement claims in you can apply for and also the multipliers for each claim you should expect to get.

After you have learn about the BP claims in the settlement you can apply here or at the BP settlement site for a free consultation with an attorney on your case.

Step Three: Fill out a free case review on any of the red forms that are in the right hand side of my websites, these forms will go to an attorney that will call you back and talk to you for a minute about your claim. The talk with the attorney and him taking your case is all free of charge for you. You will only pay the attorney if he gets you money from BP.

Step Four: After talking to the attorney you need to sign the attorney contract and start getting documents together for the attorney for him to work up your case.

Step Five: Attorney will work up your case with your documentation that you provided and submit it to the BP settlement. You wait for a call from the attorney telling you they have a check ready for you.

Your Case Does Not Fit The BP Settlement

After you talk to the attorney he might tell you that your case does not fit the BP settlement well not to worry as there is another way to get you paid. The cases that normally does not fit well in the BP settlement is big business cases, serious injury and cases from industries not related to seafood and tourist. Could also be moratorium cases that does not fit the settlement.

Here is what you do if you have had a loss but your case does not fit the BP settlement

Step One: Fill out a red form and talk to an attorney

Step Two: Sign attorney contract and get documents to the attorney or CPA working up the case

Step Three: Let the attorney first present your case to BP or its agent (GCCF) and then let the attorney file suit on your case.

Step Four: Hope for a fast trial date and wait for BP to come begging to settle your case before you go to trial

Step Five: Don’t pay the attorney until you get paid, this would be before trial in a settlement or after trial in a verdict.

In both cases you as a client has the upper hand as the attorney is working for you for free until he gets you money. The only thing you have to take care of is getting the documents to the attorney he is asking for.

Remember: If there is a document he is asking for you don’t have tell him you don’t have it. You cannot produce something you don’t have. It will be ok and he will find another way of proving your losses.

Payment Will Come

If you follow my path on how to do your BP claims process you will get a BP claims payment at the end by the attorney. At this time you will pay the attorney his percentage and thank him very much for getting you money and doing a great deal of work for you on your claim. The first process going though the BP settlement will be a faster process as trial dates are a little more out in the future (6-8 months). The money are good in the BP settlement but as a reward for people that have to go the long way to trial the money are normally even better at trial.

If you have been a victim of the BP Oil Spill you will need to file your BP claims with an attorney or do it your self.

BP Claims