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Help With Your BP Claims

BP Final Claim Fil It Now

It has been confirm by Mr. Feinberg today that people can now file for a BP final claim payment even if they have been denied an emergency claim from BP. The reason why you could be approved with a BP final claim and not a BP emergency claim is because of the release you will give BP after receiving your final claim.

bp final claim

Size of the bp final claim payment

After the oil spill claim fund has paid out 2 billion dollars to about 123,000 people and expect to pay about 175,000 people in the emergency payment phase of the oil spill payout.  November 23 marked the deadline for filing the  BP emergency claim and now the gates are open for filing your bp final claim. So what should you expect for a final claims payment from BP, well before on these pages I have talked about a factor of 50, or about 4 years of losses. After reading other peoples remarks of the bp final claim payment I would say that the number should be between 36 and 50 or between 3 to 4 years of losses.

Who do you contact to file your BP final claim ?

As with the BP emergency claim, you can file it online, go to a BP claims office or send the claim in by mail. At this point as the final claim is dealing with all future losses it would be a good idea to have an attorney in your corner to guide you though the process of the final claim and what you can expect to get from the Gulf Coast Claims Facility. Not that they would short change you but as always with any claim its a negotiation process where you can accept the first offer of negotiate with the GCCF for a bigger final claim. Also just because you get an attorney in your corner does not mean you have to go the way of a lawsuit, as an attorney can do all the negotiation with the GCCF for you. You should expect to pay an attorney 20-25% of your final claim payment for this service.

Deadline on the BP final Claim

The deadline on filing your final claim with BP is 3 years from now on August 23 2013, so there is time for you to see what kind of losses you might have but also it will give you some time to see what kind of payments are being paid by BP before you accept your final claim payment. Remember also the quarterly interim claim that still can be file with GCCF for cost you might have the next few years before you file your BP final claim