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BP Oil Spill Anniversary: Where Are We Now?

Well, it’s been about a year since BP dumped millions of  barrels of oil into the gulf coast, so let’s take a look at how things have changed (or stayed the same) for us and BP. Well for BP at least, things are looking just peachy. Their earnings for the first quarter of 2011 are actually up to $7.1 billion over $6.1 billion in first quarter 2010. So that means BP’s stockholders made $7.1 billion in 3 months. In that same amount of time, how much did BP set aside for the hundreds of thousands of ordinary people whose lives they ruined? Well, BP paid out $2.8 billion for “spill-related expenses,” which don’t even all go to the fishermen, real estate agents, and countless others affected by BP‘s spill.

But even if every single dollar of that $2.8 billion went directly to gulf coast residents who need it, BP’s investors would still be making almost 3 times as much money! In fact, in the entire time since BP destroyed our coast, the GCCF has paid out just over $4 billion. I don’t know about you, but I still see people every day who don’t have the money they deserve, so why should BP’s stockholders be getting almost twice as much money in three months as their victims have received in AN ENTIRE YEAR!?

BP makes tons of profit while paying next to nothing to its victims

A BP stockholder

BP Forgets About Gulf Coast as it Rakes in the Cash

BP does not want to live up to its responsibility to the gulf coast and its residents, and every day it looks like BP comes closer to sneaking away with a big fat pile of cash while everyone forgets what they did. But the people of the gulf coast have not forgotten, and we can still make BP pay for the damage it caused.

For a while I recommended that you submit a claim to the GCCF and see if what you get is fair, but now I’m convinced that almost nobody is actually getting the money they deserve through the GCCF.  If you want to see how much you’ll get, or if you want to receive interim payments from BP, go ahead and submit a claim to the GCCF, but honestly I don’t think you should expect much.

If BP and the GCCF actually pay interim payments, that could help you make ends meet until you get what you actually deserve, but I urge you to think about how much BP is offering you in your final claim before you sign your rights away. We are all hurting, but if we take the low-ball final payment from BP now to make a mortgage payment, what will we do in three months when that money’s gone? BP stockholders profit while we suffer, but we aren’t going away. If you fill out the free case review box on the side of the page, someone will look over your claim and help you decide how much BP actually owes you.

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