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Help With Your BP Claims

BP Problem With The 40,000 Clean Up Workers

In June 2010 BP reported 43,000 clean up workers on the beaches of the 5 gulf states, that was the height of the clean up and BP promised many people 2 year employment to leave other jobs and join them in cleaning up the beaches. For many the job was rewarding as they felt like they where at the same time helping the community cleaning up the worst oil spill in US history. The exposure to oil and the fumes that people where breathing was not good for their health and BP knew it.

BP Did Not Allow Clean Up Workers to Wear Protective Gear

On May 19 BP was telling clean up crew that they did not need to wear respirators or other protective gear, telling workers that anybody that did would get fired More here

Even a warning from the New York Congressman Jerrold Nadler who’s district includes the World trade Center said:

We’re repeating the same catastrophe in the Gulf. You see pictures of people wearing regular clothes who are wading in and scooping oil off the water. Hundreds, maybe thousands of people, are going to get sick unnecessarily

How BP Fired Clean Up Workers

So at this point BP knew they had a problem and now they had to find a way to fire all these people and but make it look good for the media. So on or around August 5 2010 BP comes up with a solution that eliminates about 10,000 oil spill workers from the force. Piss in a cup or throw your ID in the bucket, yes that is right BP did a random drug test on everybody there, and selected 10,000 people that got fired that day. That was at the time 25% of the clean up work force. Others just got send home until further notice for many the further notice never came and they where laid off.

Clean Up Workers Should File For a BP Compensation

First off I am all for drug testing going into a new job, and I think its a good policy that are in place almost all over USA today. But to not drug test before they need some people to go, sound a little weird. These are people working in toxic oil and for sure people that will have medical problem in the future because of this work and BP is treating them as if they where a nothing to them other than a media ploy.

I hope people that have been though this with BP and have worked the toxic oil cleanup, will submit forms and let us help you and your family with getting what you deserve from BP as I am sure they will bully the small people around but we have people in place that can help with all that.

So is BP problem the toxic build up in the body after working oil spill clean up. Is it the amount of people that is added to the list of people that can sue BP or is it just a question and dollars being used by BP ? I have already seen many form and email to me about people getting fired from a BP clean up job where they where promised a 2-3 year employment. I have seen many forms with people complaining about their health now after working BP clean up jobs. Mostly right now from people in boats doing water clean up but a few from the beaches also. This will be a real problem down the road for many people and I suggest that you understand the complications that might be ahead in your life if you have been working oil cleanup. I suggest that you contact us and look at what options you might have.