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BP Settlement 5th Cir. Confirms Judges Ruling On Business Claims

It was a split decision 2-1 on the denial of BP’s motion to stop paying business that could not show causation. BP had already agree that in some cases with the BP Settlement people that where not directly affected by the BP Oil spill would get compensated. But still they took it to the 5th cir. If you want to read the decision click on this link

Since it was a split decision my bet is that BP will go for another round of appeal and try and “en banc panel” or all the judges on the 5th circuit. How that would go is anybodies guess.

BP Settlement | BP Trial

BP Medical Claims Are Now Getting Approvals

Its our understanding that BP medical claims are getting notices now, after all appeals have been exhausted and the settlement can deal with each individual case. It get very complicated on the medical side, as hospital visits, doctor bills and chronic and non chronic diseases could mean the difference of $40,000 -$50,000 so make sure that you have a good attorney that only deals with BP Medical claims. We now have connections to an attorney that only does Medical claims for the BP Oil spill. If you need help with any BP Claims just fill out a form and we will have the right attorney call you back. Medical, Individual, Business, Land, Seafood we help with all of them with different lawyers.


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