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Help With Your BP Claims

Can My Kids Apply For The BP Settlement

A question I got just today that is very interesting it came from a lady in Louisiana, can my kids apply for the BP settlement ? She lived right across from the beach and her kids had some medical problems related to the oil spill.

kids BP settlement

The answer is YES your kids should apply for the BP settlement if they have had some medical problems related to the BP oil spill and if you live within 1/2 a mile from the beach.

On top of that she had file and received a Quick Pay on her wage loss claim. Does not matter as your kids would have a different social security number and they can file their own claim with the help of the attorneys.

The other beautiful thing would be the 21 year health monitoring that you kids would get if they applied for a BP settlement. This could make sure that any future problems they might have from the BP oil spill could be caught early and hopefully cured.

So I want everybody out there that live in the affected area to think about if a family member have been having medical problems because of the BP oil spill. The BP settlement would need a witness statement, doctor visits an any other proof you could supply.

If you have a claim or a loved one has a claim for medical because of the BP oil spill and you live 1/2 a mile from the beach in the affected area fill out a claim on the top of this website.

Even GCCF Is Telling You Not To Accept The Quick Pay

The GCCF posted this on their website today.

By accepting a Quick Payment offer, you will release and forever discharge ALL claims (except claims for Physical Injury or Death). You will NOT be able to pursue any further claims (except claims for Physical Injury or Death), in the Court-Supervised Settlement Program, or the GCCF, or against Transocean, Halliburton, or any other party, or the MDL, or any other claims process or litigation. You will also waive your right to submit your claim to the National Pollution Funds Center (“NPFC”), the Coast Guard office responsible for evaluating and approving OPA claims, any such claim being completely resolved by accepting this offer.

Its very clear in this that they think people are crazy also to accept  a Quick Pay at this point as you would be done and cannot get the benefit of the BP settlement.

At this point the BP settlement should pay you 4 times more than a Quick Pay and you should not accept it, unless you of course you cannot prove your loss. If you can prove you loss then don’t accept the Quick Pay. The deadline for accepting the Quick Pay is May 7 2012 and you will have to make the choice if this is the right thing to do. If you accept the Quick Pay you cannot get any money in the BP settlement or any other attorney settlements.

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