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30% Of BP Claims In The BP Settlement Have Been Paid

After a quick consultation with the law firms getting claims from this website, we are happy to report that about 30% of all clients that have sign up via this website with lawyers have gotten their BP claims paid in the Deepwater Horizon Settlement.

BP came out this week and estimated that 25% of all claims in the settlement had been paid so that we are just a notch above makes us feel good about the lawyers we are giving these claims to. They are doing a great service to the business and individuals that lost money because of the BP oil spill.

BP Settlement running out of money

I know you guys have all seen the headlines but again they are BS, since this is an open ended settlement BP just have to take the money from their 3-4 billion profit every quarter and pay the damn bills. BP is not running out of money and the settlement will not run out of money. To slow the cash flow running out of BP they are however filing appeals on every single claim about $250,000 to slow down payments. After waiting for 3 year it feels really good to get an offer for payment and then for BP to appeal that offer. What BS but that is what they are doing to keep shareholders from dumping their stocks in BP. What BP is not telling anybody about is the liability they have with OPA opt. outs and that whole mess coming, with litigation cost and trial settings. I think by last count there where something like 50,000 OPA cases that they would have to defend at trial. Good Luck on that.

BP Claims Can Still Be Filed until April 2014

We are still accepting business claims in the settlement and the attorneys will do all the paperwork and processing on a contingency contract where you pay the court ordered 25% attorneys fee after the claim settles. Would you not rather have an attorney do you stuff for you then some consultant that has not legal experience ? Hi they charge the same so why not go with the law firm that does this for a living. As you know there are plenty of law firms out there that will work up your business and file the claim with the settlement for you.  Call the law firm now at 1-888-770-4343

Why are Law Firms Filing Their Own Claims As Per BP ?

When I first saw this in the news Yesterday it did make me think maybe BP is right about that, but then I spend some time thinking about it and though of a few law firms I know in Panama City Beach. So they are running a business as any other small business. They are helping customers with legal matters. When the economy goes to shit because BP ruin the tourist season the law firm in Panama city beach will hurt the same way as any other small business by the lack of tourist money coming into the region. I have been heavy involved in the Real Estate developers in Panama City and the huge losses they had after the oil spill. Since the attorneys are a big part of real estate development and setting up everything for the developers the attorneys losses just in this category would have been huge.

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The Day After Opt-Out

The day after opt-out is a good day knowing I did everything in my power via this website, email and facebook to warn as many people as possible about the opt-out date. What the opt-out date mean for them if they did nothing and what the class settlement is all about and how people have now given away their right to a fair trial if they are unhappy with there offer or denial from the BP settlement. So today we got 2 camps a BP Settlement camp and a trial camp since decisions have already been made I will start giving information to both groups of people about important deadlines.

If you are a class member and want to join the BP Settlement please fill out a form on the right hand side. If you are not a class member and want to join the lawsuit fill out a form.

If you are an attorney with opt-outs and need a litigation team with a great record against BP I can help you make those connection  and get your opt outs into OPA and trial track.Please fill out a form and I will personally call you and let you know our plan for this.

BP Claims New Deadlines Just Around The Corner.

The first deadline that is coming up is for all class members that are now in the settlement, there is a seafood claim submission deadline 30days after judge Barbier approves the settlement (hearing  8 november 2012). Its funny how the 3 year statue (April 20 2013) is plainly disregarded on the seafood claims and their deadline is moved up 4-5 month before the statue runs. I am sure many appeals over that will be in the cards.

The filing of economic claims in the Deepwater Horizon Settlement will be going on until April 20 2014

The next big deadline is for OPA presentment witch has to take place 90 days before the 3 year statue runs so to be safe deadline for OPA filing will be January 19 2013

Small Attorneys Need Litigation Attorneys Now

We these deadline looming now is the time for opt-out attorneys to get their litigation strategy in order. Remember we can help smaller attorneys get in to the biggest attorneys with their cases. You want to be with the litigation attorney that has 15,000 cases as he will be the first attorney BP will come to when the settlement train starts. Also if BP knows he is crazy about litigating all his cases the BP people will come knocking on his door. We can help facilitate your cases going into an attorney like this.

We are here to help have been from the start of the BP oil spill. Let us help you with your claims against BP.