Help With Your BP Claims

Casino Workers: Don’t Gamble With Your GCCF Claim

So at the end of the day the casino workers as a group should have the same rights as everybody else, they should have been offered 2 times 2010 losses as a standard, and been able to select to have an attorney handle their case, and probably settle their claim for 4-5 times their 2010 losses.For some reason that is now how the GCCF see’s the cases of casino workers.

Its important that you keep good records of your losses, and that you  minimize the losses that you will have in the future, if at all possible. We hope that the casino workers will join us as a group, and we can help you guys  get what is a fair settlement and keep you informed of recent developments..

It looks like that tomorrow the flood gates will open up for the Casino Workers to file with the GCCF, for a final payment  and future losses resulting from the BP oil spill. Now that GCCF has shown their cards why were they not eligible is hard to understand, they lost money like everybody else from the BP oil spill.

Now when it comes time for the casino workers to file for their GCCF final claim there are a few points to remember.

1) Interim claim protects you so future losses can be claimed also

2) Using an attorney to file your claim, will help you keep GCCF honest and it ensures that all the paperwork is filed correctly.

3) Never sign a final claim with GCCF giving up your rights to file for future losses unless you at least consult with an attorney. (it`s Free).

Casino Workers Losses Should Be A Claim

As the verdict from the BP lawyers will not be heard till Friday, I expect the casino workers to be offered something small from the GCCF, something like $5,000 sign on the line and you will give up all rights to any future payment from GCCF and BP. So what that will tell you is that they are worried about all the claims coming though attorney’s on behalf of casino workers. I would suggest that if you where a Casino worker in 2010 that you fill out the form on the right and fill out a contact form. Our attorney’s will give you a call back and talk to you about your losses and how they can recover it for you in the claims process.

It would be good to look at your losses for 2010 and think what your 2011, 2012, 2013,2014 losses will be, and see if the money that GCCF is offering you is enough to cover those losses. Remember its not your fault that BP screwed up and made the biggest oil spill in US history. They are the ones that are ruining your job, your salary and now they will try and offer you a small amount of money to make you go away. Think about that before you sign away your rights.

Casino Workers Should Have A Claim Like everybody else.