Help With Your BP Claims

Women BP Clean Up Workers Listen Up

So if you are a women and applied for clean up work with BP on the beach or out in the boats and you where not hired by them, I need for you guys to fill out a claim form on the right hand side and I need for your to talk to an attorney. There is now made a new settlement for women clean up workers that was discriminated against by by BP. Its not a lot of money let me first start by saying that, but if you applied and did not get hired and you are a women fill out a form and talk to an attorney.

Women clean up works settlement

As there where lots of clean up jobs available BP selected to only hire men for some of these jobs and have already conceded to paying for it though the courts. I need for you to contact us via the phone number on the top or via the form on the side so we can put you in for this settlement.

You need to have any record that you have, emails, application, statements from family members anything that you have that proves that you applied for a job as a clean up worker with BP. The attorneys will file you cases with all the other cases and you will get compensation for BP’s discrimination against women.

If you have any other claims against BP let us hear about it and determine if the claims can be used and file against BP. It is estimated that more claims are still out there then claims that has been filed, its not to late to file and claim and get help with your claim against BP.

What you have to do now is fill out a form and let the attorneys take your case from A to Z and help you get everything in order to get paid a fair amount of money for your claim. It could be your personal business that was hurt by BP’s oil spill, it could by  your personal income that was hurt by BP, your health insurance that was lost or something else that BP did to you and your family that we can get you compensation for.

Its been long enough that BP has not paid people right, now is the time to get your life back and the money that BP owes you back.

Long Delay In Getting Paid By BP Should Be Over

The long delay in getting paid by the Deepwater Horizon Settlement should be over now, we have seen the first good offers come in, and we should see a stream of them coming though in the next weeks to come. If your claim is in with the lawyers and submitted to the Deepwater Horizon Settlements you should see your money coming soon also. Well first you will get back the offer the fund send out to the attorneys. You get the chance to accept the offer or reject it. If you accept it money will be coming your way 10 days after. If you reject it there is another long way as you will be going though the courts to get paid and that could take years. If however the money that are being offered are not right you should go the long way to make BP pay.

Why It Pays To Submit Your Claim To BP Now

The last 2 month has really been boring as nothing new has happened, but now it looks like they have gotten their system up and running and have 300 people to process the claims, the system they have created are very complicated for the people that has to submit claims, but much easier for the processing as there is some 42 different claims forms to select between. The system is very black and white so the money offer you should receive should not be up for discussion as everything is setup in writing on how to calculate a claim. So the money should be right when it comes to what they are paying you if you use an attorney to do the claim for you. At this point I would not suggest for anybody to do their claims on their own as you would leave to much money on the table from claims you don’t even know you have.

Deepwater Horizon Settlements Trap To Avoid

Here is one trap that I was made aware of today from an attorney in Houston Texas. Do not submit 1 claim though the attorneys and 1 claim on your own. If you accept one offer by the Deepwater Horizon Settlements you have to accept all offers from them. Another thing that could happen was you want to accept the VOO offer but not the offer for economical damage to your fishing business. You cannot do that. If you accept one offer from the Deepwater Horizon Settlements you will have to accept all offers.

So don’t think you can choose to accept one offer on a claim but not another offer for another claim, its all or nothing.

Now don’t forget if you know somebody that has an economical claim for the BP oil spill send them to this website and let us help them with their claim. Women clean up workers has been discriminated by BP and they have a separate pot of money coming to them.



BP Claims Settlement Proposed For Clean Up Workers And Residents

The people that jumped at the opportunity to clean up the beaches are now getting a fair shake in the new proposed BP settlement. This is what I have heard the proposal looks like all subject to court approval and the settlement proposal are not yet in a final state but better to know  a little than to know nothing I hope you all agree on that.

BP Claims clean up workers

BP Clean Up Workers With Claims Of Exposure

The settlement proposal for the clean up workers that was hired by BP sub contractors to help keep the beaches clean. All the clean up workers should sign up again with the attorneys if the BP settlement criteria applies to the. Form on the right hand side of the page.

This would have been clean up workers that was exposed to Corexit or crude oil. The most reported side effects would b:

  • Chronic injury( symptoms lasting more than 6 month)
  • Eye problems
  • Respiratory problems
  • Effects on your skin
  • Gastronomical complication (stomach problems )

There is a few way of proving your case the more information you can give the higher the payout should be from the proposed BP Settlement.

  • File a sworn statement of fact of when and where exposed took place with your attorney No Medical records necessary
  • File a sworn statement of fact of when and where exposed took place and your medical records proving your condition.
  • File a sworn statement of fact of when and where and you visit to the BP medical facility out on site when exposure took place.
  • File a sworn statement of fact that you got heatstroke from the work and visited BP medical facility on site when it happened.

If you where hospitalize for any conditions related to the exposure from Corexit or crude oil you should include this in your statement to the attorney. Also Hospital records should be included.

Residents With Medical Claims From Exposure

If you live near the beach or close to the marshes in Louisiana and Alabama that got covered with oil there is a good chance that you can file a claim against BP for your exposure to Corexit and crude oil.

This would have to be file if you have showed symptoms of exposure. General symptoms are the same as above for the clean up workers.

You would have to be able to document your injury or exposure with medical records a photo of your skin rash or other ways with a witness to your injury. Again you would have to write a sworn statement of when and where the exposure took place and what happened to you because of the exposure.

If you are living close to the coast or by the marshes and have had exposure to the Corexit that BP was spraying from air planes or from the fumes of the crude oil contact an attorney to evaluate your claim.

I have hear from a lot of people especially in Grand Isle Louisiana that have complained about the exposure and now finally there are somebody you can go to and get compensation for your injury.

Vessels of Opportunity VOO Update

First a shout out to my friend Tom in Pensacola to give me a call. So here is an update on the Vessels of Opportunity proposed BP settlement as I hear it. To be consider for a proposed settlement with BP in the Settlement you would have to have been put into service in the VOO fleet. If you where in service your qualify for back pay. The proposal is looking at pay of about 26 days for people waiting at the dock. The day rate would be according to the contract you where under. But an extra 26 day of pay if you go the settlement route and maybe more maybe less if you take your claim to the courts.

If you never went into service you might get paid for a few days so don’t give up those claims but the settlement proposal will not do much for NO service VOO boat owners.