Help With Your BP Claims

GCCF Keeps Paying Our BP Claims

Another great week of people getting paid on their BP Claims from the GCCF, we have gotten many more business paid on the interim and final claims with the GCCF.

I think want we have found out by working closely with the GCCF is that if you present your case well to them and have a strong argument of why you have lost the amount you are stating your have lost its very likely that they will pay you the full amount in a very short amount of time. It does help when the case are presented by one of the strongest BP oil spill attorney’s out there but still a well crafted case will go from denied by the GCCF to approved by the GCCF very fast in our system.

GCCF Claim Approved

Getting Your GCCF Claims Approved

What we have found out by working with the GCCF for all these month is very important to getting your GCCF claims approved.

1. You must present all documentation that they are asking for check out GCCF Help for all documentation needs.

2. Your Causation letter to the GCCF telling them why it was the BP oil spill causing the economic damage and not the general economy must be strong.

3. If your case is not a straight forward loss where you show on pay check that you made less in 2010 than in 2008 and 2009 don’t even use the GCCF

4. If this was a new business start up less than 1 year in business don’t even use the GCCF they will not pay you

5. If your business closed down because of the economic impact from the BP oil spill don’t wast your time with the GCCF

On all the sections that are not straight forward you need to get with an attorney to handle the case for you as there are many factors that goes into your claim if your business closed down or if you sales did not fall in 2010 but still you had a loss.

Now how can that be you might ask. Well what if you had one product like brown shrimp that you normally did 1,000,000 a year in sales but in 2010 your did zero. Now you did make up that loss on other products showing 2010 as no loss compared to 2009 but had the oil spill not happened you would have made the sales of the brown shrimp and come out with a big surplus.

So just because you don’t show a lower 2010 did not mean that you or the business did not loose anything. Think about the loss on your seafood costing more in 2010, giving you a lower Gross Profit as your cost went up. There are many complicated ways to look at your books to find out exactly what loss you might have had. Let a professional do that work for you.

If your GCCF claims where denied or deficient

Here is what I would do if you GCCF claim was deficient and you got a deficiency letter back from the GCCF, try and see if you can send back in the paperwork they are asking for to move your case along. If you need a work up on your claim contact our 800 number to have them help you. If you feel like you are tried of their BS fill out a free case review and get our full system working for you. If you GCCF claim was denied, don’t give up there is still hope that you can get money. We have gotten a lot of denied over turned and gotten them money. The last one was a restaurant in Florida but on the Atlantic side that we got moved from a denied to $78,000 in about 3 month. If you have had a loss because of the oil spill we can make the case for you and make it payable with the GCCF no matter what you have done up to this point yourself.

If your know somebody that need help with GCCF

If you have friends that are in need of help getting their BP claims paid tell them about us, tell them not to give up and give them our website. We can get everybody help that has a legitimate loss because of the BP oil spill. If you are a business or an individual we can help everybody getting paid by the GCCF or as a last resort get them paid by the courts. The very few number of claims that goes to court will be very special cases nothing like the normal business loss or personal loss it will be cases where there are doubt on how to pay the people the right amount. Let us hear from you if you need help with your GCCF claims.

Fastest Way to Get BP Claim Money

BP Claim: GCCF Vs. Settlement

Even before BP dumped all of their oil into the gulf, gulf coast residents had a lot to deal with, just like everyone else. People are busy making ends meet, taking care of their families, and keeping their businesses running or working hard at their jobs. Now that the oil spill wrecked a lot of people’s livelihoods, those same problems didn’t go away, but now there is a whole set of new ones to figure out your BP Claim. Who has time to do a ton of research on the best way to get the money they deserve through a BP claim? I’m going to do my best to break down the difference between getting a BP claim through the GCCF or doing it through an attorney.

The main things everyone needs to know about their BP claim are 1) How much money will I get? and 2) How quickly will I get it?

How Much Money Will I get for My BP Claim?

For starters, let’s go over the amount of money you would get from each. The GCCF has been delaying people to make them desperate so they will accept their quick pays of $5,000 personal and $25,000 business, so those amounts are what most people will get if they stick with the GCCF for their BP Claim. If you’re looking to get more out of a final claim, the GCCF will probably just keep delaying or denying you. You might get lucky and get offered a little more, but it still probably won’t be as much as you lost.

If you decide to get some representation and take BP to court, the amount could vary a lot from person to person, but it’s pretty safe to say it’s going to be closer to what you deserve than those crap quick pays the GCCF is so eager to get you to accept. The reason you will probably get more out of your BP Claim this way is that a lawsuit will give you compensation for up to 3-5 years of losses (which is likely what you will actually lose) instead of the set quick pay amount the GCCF will try to force on you. Even if you get offered a final settlement for your BP Claim through the GCCF, it will still probably only compensate you for 1-2 years of losses.

How Fast Will I Get my BP Claim Money?

It seems like it would take longer to go through the courts to get paid than through the GCCF, but there is a little more at work here than you might think. Firstly, if you take the quick pay, you will probably get it after the 90 days the GCCF promises. If you want an interim or final payment, good luck.

The GCCF loves to delay BP claims by taking longer than the 90 days they say they will. Then once they finally get around to processing your claim, they usually delay by asking for more documentation on your BP Claim (documentation that they don’t need). Once they finally have to finish delaying, they will often just deny you even if you have a good claim, or they will say they overpaid you for your emergency BP Claim payment (which is a lie). After all this, it could be a long, long time before you see any money from the GCCF, if you ever get any at all.

If you decide to go with an attorney, you could get a settlement for your BP Claim in as quickly as 60 days. That’s not always the case, but it’s pretty common. Most of the time, you can get a settlement before the GCCF would have finished processing your claim. There are a few things you should know if you decide to do this to get your BP claim though. First of all, if you take a settlement now, you will get the money faster, but you might not get as much as if you wait.

Why Is It Like This?

The reason you might be able to get more if you wait on your BP Claim is because there is a big lawsuit to figure out which companies are liable for the oil spill, but it’s not going to happen until February 2012. If you are able to wait until then to get your settlement, you will probably be able to get compensated a lot more for your BP Claim. If you can’t wait that long because you have a mortgage or other reason you just have to have the money now, you can still get a settlement for your BP Claim quickly, it just won’t be quite as much. It will still probably be a lot more than a GCCF quick pay though.

The Bottom line is, going for a settlement to get your BP Claim will probably get you more money, and will get it to you faster. If you want help figuring out what to do about your BP Claim, you might want to think about filling out our free case review box. We’ll get in touch with soon and help you weigh the options for your BP Claim.