Help With Your BP Claims

Business Owners Not Getting Their BP Claims Paid By The GCCF

In the start of the year most of my call was from individuals with smaller claims that was not getting their BP claims paid by the GCCF. This has now change as most of the smaller claims up to 50,000 has been paid by the GCCF. If your small individual BP claim has not been paid by the GCCF like it should have at this time, I would want you to fill out a free case review so our team can have a look at it.


Servers, cleaning and other personal income loss should have been paid at this time by the GCCF contact us though the form if yours have not, before the deadline to do so this year.

What I am seeing now are the bigger business claims coming in on the calls and the forms for free cases review. The BP claims that are left with the GCCF at this time are more of the high dollar business claims and there are a few reasons for that.

Why Are The GCCF Neglecting the BP Business Claims ?

So the main reason why the BP Business Claims are getting neglected by the GCCF is because of their strategy from the beginning. We want to show the people, the government that are going to audit us, the BP shareholders that we are paying a lot of people at it will not cost near the 20 billion we set a side for it.

How do we do that ?

Well its simple, if you start off by paying 1/2 the claims you can show a great number, we have paid half the claims and only spend 6 billion dollars. The smart people on wall street will think great its only going to cost BP 12 billion dollars this whole mess. This will make the BP share price go up and the share holders are happy. The smart people on wall street will soon find out however that they paid the lowest claims first, so the rest of the BP claims are much higher dollar claims.

When the government that will audit the Gulf Coast Claims Facility will be able to say, see here we have paid 1/2 all the claims that has come into us. So this should keep them in check as long as they don’t check what people doing the same job having the same salary was paid by the GCCF because these numbers will be very very different as I understand it from people I have personally talked to.

Top 10 Reasons You Should Contact Us Now.

First there are a few very oviouse reasons why you should contact us to handle your BP Claims

1. You have been denied by the GCCF but your feel like you have a good BP Claims

2. Your offer from the GCCF was very different from the offer your co-workers have gotten

3. You have been waiting for the GCCF forever and they keep stalling you and asking for more documentation

4. You BP Business Claim has been given a low dollar numbers as the GCCF has used some fuzzy accounting on your BP business claim

5. You don’t feel comfortable with settling with the GCCF at the offer they have gotten you

6. You want to get paid by the GCCF before their money runs out

7. You want to be in with an attorney before the trials starts

8. You want to talk to somebody about your BP claim and not get the run around

9. Your confident in the GCCF to pay your claim is gone

10. You want to hear a plan on how your are getting paid and when

Our Process of Getting Your BP Claims paid by the GCCF

Its all about having a plan with people you trust on getting your BP Claims paid by the GCCF, at this point I think most people would agree that the plan the GCCF has put in place of getting your claim paid has not worked for you. So let me layout the plan that is already a proven concept and it has been in place since 2010.

First you fill out the free case review and we will send you a confirmation email confirming receipt of your BP claims information. In the email we send you there will be a link to request representation by our trusted attorney Brent Coon & Associates. You can follow that link and request representation right then and there. After an attorney looks over your claim and gives you a call, all legit claims denied by the GCCF or not paid by the GCCF will be accepted by the attorney’s.

When Brent Coon & Associates accepts your case another letter will go out to you confirming representation and at the same time the claims department will be notified of your case.

A person from the claims department will reach out to you requesting documentation to work up your claim.. This is a critical point for you in the process so pay attention. The faster you get your documentation to the claims department the faster they can work up your BP claim and evaluate it.

Once it has been evaluated and a multiplier is put on your claim, it will be submitted to the GCCF as an interim claim with a final OPA (Oil Pollution Act) demand letter attached to the interim claim.

At this point we have to wait for the GCCF, but we know what you claim is worth and we know what the GCCF should be offering you on your claim.

The GCCF has 90 days to come back with an offer on your claim, right now we see anything from 2 -6 weeks before we hear back from them.

This would be an interim offer and a final offer. If the offer follows the accountants workup and multiplier on your claim then the attorney will recommend you that you take the offer.

If the offer is lower than the claim submitted the attorney and claims department will talk directly with the GCCF telling them where they are wrong on their numbers. This normally results in a second offer from the GCCF that are much closer to the number the claims department was asking for.

If the GCCF offer is not close a lawsuit will be file on your case and BP will be put on alert that we are going to trial. As an attorney its great to know that your opponent do not want to go to trial, this means that they can push hard for trial and a settlement offer will eventually come their way.

This is again the reason why we use attorney’s and not consultants because they have the power of filing suit if the GCCF is not playing fair, from what we have seen that is probably a good thing.

Again this pushes them to make another settlement offer before trial. Only 2% historically goes to trial, I would suspect in the oil spill this number would be less than 0.5% as BP do not want to go to trial and get hammered by bad publicity and get a possible verdict that will cause other claims to be valuated higher.


This plan will work best for you if you got everything into the GCCF this year, as February 2012 is when trials start and you want to be fully worked up and ready when this rolls around. Another reason for getting in with a great attorney this year would be the fact that the GCCF will run out of money with 20 billion dollars. It might sounds strange when 1/2 the claims only amounts to 6 billion dollars but it goes to what I said before with paying the smallest claims first.

I hope you like this plan and will join our team. You will see that even though the attorney’s have over 7,000 BP claims personal attention to each claim are very important to them and our plan outlined above will ensure that your BP claims gets worked though the system as fast as possible.

Gulf Coast Claims Facility Decides It’s Over And Closes 8 More Offices

Just in the news today was Gulf Coast Claims Facility closing down 8 more offices in the Gulf Region, again showing that they have given up on more than 340,000 people that still are waiting for their claim to be resolved. If you have ever tried to call the Gulf Coast Claims Facility 1-800 number you will know what I mean its impossible unless you have somewhere close to go and talk to a person.

Gulf Coast Claims Facility

Gulf Coast Claims Facility paying some BP Claims but 500,000 claims still in limbo

So with 340,000 Claimants still out there with well over 500,000 claims, that is half the claims that has ever been filed with the Gulf Coast Claims Facility still open according to their own statistic on their website, lets all rate the performance of the GCCF. It get a big F (Failure) in my book.

Just sitting there collecting their 1.25 million a month to run the show. With 8 billion on the bank account collecting interest while 340,000 people are still waiting to get paid very simple claims. What a disgrace.

Mr. Feinberg says in a press release to not blame President Obama, but to blame him for the failed GCCF. I will blame you Mr. Feinberg, but why did we elect a president to handle things and he strikes a deal with BP to put Mr. Feinberg in place and 1 1/2 years after the BP oil spill more than 500,000 claims are not paid. I don’t see how we cannot blame Mr. Obama for not doing enough.

In my book our president is abandoning the Gulf Coast now that the media attention is gone from the BP oil spill. He is letting the Gulf Coast Claims Facility get away with playing games with people and constantly moving the ball on where they should go to get the money they lost more than 1 1/2 years ago.


What Do We Need To Do To Get Our BP Claims Paid By The Gulf Coast Claims Facility ?

This is the question that I get asked the most on the 800 number that I man every day, where people call in for help. People are not really looking for help they are just looking for a straight answer on what is going on and why its taking so long to get paid.

I will here give everybody a list of the best tricks that work with getting the Gulf Coast Claims Facility to give your claim the attention it needs to get paid. Try these next time you talk to the GCCF and see if I am right. Now this is not a bluff you should follow though with it and do what you threaten to do if they don’t move your BP Claim along and get it paid. These are listen in respect to how well they have been proven to work.

1. Tell the Gulf Coast Claims Facility that you will contact your local media and have them do a story about your business or your claim and about how the GCCF has totally screwed you out of your very nice lively hood before the BP Oil Spill.

Now I would not just threaten this I would do it if they don’t move you claim along. Always give them time, like here is an example.

“If my claim is not paid by Thanks Giving I will make it my mission in life to get as much media attention to my claim and the process the Gulf Coast Claims Facility has put me though that you guys will be shut down when I am done with talking to the media”.

If your claim is not paid by Thanks Giving contact your local radio or tv station and tell them your story, if they get enough calls from people they will know that this is an important story for them to run.

2. Tell the GCCF that your are in contact with Brent Coon & Associates and if they don’t get your claim processed and paid by Thanks Giving he will get your case and they can deal with him on paying your claim.

Gulf Coast Claims Facility Hates Publicity and Attorney’s

Again by saying this to the Gulf Coast Claims Facility they will understand that your are serious with your claim and that you will find representation for your claim by the best oil spill attorney in the country if they don’t get off their butt and deals with your claim. Don’t just say it to them make up your mind that if your claim is not paid by Thanks Giving request representation by Brent Coon & Associates. For you to do so just fill out the Free Case Review on this page and they will contact you right away about your claim.

I can tell your guys that have read down to this point that both ways have worked with the GCCF of getting them moving on peoples claims and getting people paid. So give it a try and remember to give me a call on the 800 number if it works for you. I will be available all day Friday and Saturday to answer questions on the 800 number.

What they will also understand by you name dropping Brent Coon & Associates is that they can pay you now or pay 2-3 times more later when Brent gets done with them.

If this does not get them moving do what you said you would do and go to the media or get represented by an attorney.