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Texas oil spill law firms

It has been 31 days since the Deepwater Horizon explosion happened and still, authorities and the responsible parties are still currently working on stopping the oil from continuously leaking to the water. The federal government and the five coastal states (including the state of Texas) are trying to protect their residents and the local economy.

As the federal government has placed a 10 day restriction on fishing in federal waters most hit by the oil spill, hundreds of commercial fishermen have been deprived of their source of income. Businesses that primarily deal with seafood are also affected, some even close down. And, as of the latest update, 80,000 barrels of oil are still leaking each day, which means that a lot more properties and livelihoods will ultimately be affected and damaged by the oil spill. There is no doubt that this catastrophic oil spill will be the main cause for a lot of businesses to close and for a lot of lives to be changed.

texas oil spill law firms

Texas oil spill law firms deal with this for years.

Texas oil spill attorneys, which have been dealing with environmental law for most of their careers are actively pursuing legal actions against the British Petroleum company as well as all the other parties responsible.

Since this not only affects the environment but also the economy and health as well, Texas oil spill law firms, or Texas environmental law firms, are working on encouraging people to file claims or lawsuits for the damages on their end. Whether it be a personal oil spill claim or an oil spill class action suit, these Texas oil spill law firms will be eager to be of assistance to every single oil spill victim. Listed below are 5 of Texas’ highest ranking Environmental Law Firms in terms of client rating:

Top 5 Texas Oil spill Law Firms

1. Thompson & Knight LLP – Fort Worth, Texas

2. McGlinchey Stafford, PLLC – Denton, Texas

3. Beverage and Diamond, PC – Austin, Texas

4. Beck, Redden & Secrest, LLP – Houston, Texas

5. Cox Smith Matthews Incorporated – Austin, Texas

With these high ranking Texas oil spill law firms, oil spill victims will be assured of a better outcome for their claims or cases. Because most if their clients have given these law firms positive feedbacks, you will be assured that these Texas oil spill attorneys will do everything that they can and that is in their power to help victims get the just compensation that they deserve. I hope finding  texas oil spill law firms have now been made easier.