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Common Questions About the BP claims process

Common Questions About the BP claims process

After US President Barack Obama demanded that BP Pic, the third largest energy company in the world and the company identified as the one responsible for the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, pay for the damages resulting from the oil spill, a lot of people have been trying to find out more information about the BP claims process. In fact, here are just some of the most frequently-asked questions about the BP claims process.

BP claims Process questions

How does one file a BP claim?

You can file a claim in 3 ways. First, you can file one through several online sites including BP’s own official site. Second, you can call 1-800-440-0858 to file one or get a claim number for a personal visit to any of the 26 BP claim centers. Third, you can mail a claim to ESIS, One Beaver Road, Wilmington, DE 19803, especially if your claim is of a large value.

Who are eligible for filing a BP claim?

Almost anyone who suffered a loss as a direct result of the oil spill can file a claim. However, not everyone who files a claim is eligible. Eligibility depends on the presence and adequacy of supporting documents.

Which damages can I file a oil spill claim for?

BP will pay for property damages, loss of profits and earning capacity, natural resource damages, and even for the cleanups that resulted from the oil spill.

What are the necessary requirements for filing a BP claim?

Basically, if you’re filing one, all you need to present is an ID and the necessary documents that prove your loss. These documents may be in the form of tax return, pay stubs, wage loss statements, financial statements, deposit slips, boat registrations, and even copies of the current fishing license.

How long will the BP claims process take before payment is received?

The main factor that determines the speed of the claims process is the presence or absence of supporting documents. Basically, the more complete your papers are, the sooner you’ll get paid for your losses. Going though the BP claims process is not as hard as you might think, just get started