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For direct contact with the writers of please write us on the following

or give me a call on 1-888-770-4343 is an independent blog written by people living with the oil spill in Florida and most information on this site has been coming directly from people that has been affected by the BP oil spil. The writers of this blog or this website is in no way connected to BP or any of BP’s affiliates.

This is an independent blog written by people that care about the many lives that BP has affected with this monster of an oil spill. We want BP to make it right to every single person on the Gulf Coast and we will not stop writing this blog until everything is made right and no more oil is on our beaches.

We have worked hard and helped 1000’s of people getting their claim though the GCCF system and paid. We have setup a team of attorney’s and claim adjusters to help people that fill out the forms on this site. We can help all you need to do is contact us though the form on these pages and our team will get back to you with help on your bp claims form