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Deepwater Horizon Settlement Updates

We are all waiting for is when are they going to start paying all these settlements that they have promised should have started on June 4 2012. There are very important deadlines coming up , what kind of statistics are they sending out. What kind of inside information do you need , at the right time to take advantage of it in real time.

For all these reason I have create a Facebook app. This app will get you real time information on the Deepwater Horizon Settlement when it happens, the updates will come directly to your Facebook page, a place you probably visit more than my blog.

The updates will only be when something important happens so don’t expect an update every day. When something important happens you will know about it right away. Even if its not in the news yet you will know about it.

Connect to my Deepwater Horizon Settlements Update App by clicking on the Facebook logo below.

Deepwater Horizon Settlements Update