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Help With Your BP Claims

Deepwater Horizon Settlements Just To Complicated

First off if you are already represented by an attorney off this website or another website good for you, as the Deepwater Horizon Settlements just got a little more complicated today for the people or business that are filing claims on their own.

I am talking about the new registration form that every deepwater horizon settlement claimant have to fill out, again your attorney will do it if you are with an attorney but if you are filing by your self good luck on filling that form out. I will even say good luck on filing out the one of 40 different claims forms in the Deepwater Horizon settlements.

Its not made very easy, the color coding of the settlement claims forms is not making the questions in the form any easier.

BP Claims Settlement

Difficult Settlement Forms Means More Opt Outs

Why not just pay everybody that has a claim, why does it have to be so difficult once again to get money from your losses after the 2010 BP oil spill. Even the name of it is difficult, Deepwater Horizon Settlements. This is a BP settlement but BP don’t want anybody to think about its fault in this so they don’t want their BP in the name of the settlement. This way when BP makes their TV commercials that everything is hearts and rainbows in the Gulf Of Mexico people don’t think its them making the settlement. Give me a break already.

Anyway so why make it so difficult for people to get money. First reason could be to make people put it off and not file before October 1 2012 and their by miss the opt out date. Another reason could be to push people to get an attorney to file it for them. The wording in the claims forms, that even come with instructions are so difficult and attorney written that nobody can figure it out. Again I suggest getting help with the BP settlement forms and have it processed by an attorney.

Because of the Deepwater Horizon Settlements being so difficult many more people will simply opt out because they cannot figure it out. I will suggest for those people to not opt out but get with us and sign up via a form. Here is why

Many Bites Of  The BP Claims Apple

With the right attorney you can end up getting many bites of the BP claims Apple, first bit would be an offer back from the Deepwater Horizon Settlement fund, you will get to know what they intend to pay you. If this is enough you can take it, if its not enough you can opt out and go after BP directly.

If you take it and if your business is on the water you can now go after the other people that where responsible for the 2010 oil spill like Haliburton and Transocean.

If you opt out of the Deepwater Horizon Settlements because their offer was not enough to compensate you fully for past and future losses your next bite of the apple would be to sue BP in court to recover past and future losses. A good attorney would do all this for you and hope to get the court case on a judges docket as fast as possible. This would put BP on alert that they are being sued and they have to find a way to give you enough money to go away on your individual case. If you don’t get an attorney and explore what the Deepwater Horizon Settlements will do for you, then you are missing a bite out of the apple. You are also risking if you do nothing to automatically be in the Deepwater Horizon Settlements which gives you only what they offer you and no other options.

So don’t do nothing or you are at risk of being stuck in the Deepwater Horizon Settlements.

Is My Attorney Doing Enough ?

I get a lot of emails where people are complaining about their current attorney. Let me address this here. First off I understand how everybody want personal attention and they want to have their attorney focused on their case. I understand all that and I would want that to. In this situation however you got maybe 500,000 claims and some attorneys with 10-15,000 different clients. The personal attention is just hard to get, with this many claims.

I understand that some people made a mistake and put their claims with these so called “Consultants” but that should be an easy mistake to correct, you sign up here for an attorney and the problem is fixed.

But if you have an attorney already try and help him out getting his hands around your claim. If the attorney uses an online website for documentation gathering to get more information about your claim get active and put stuff about your claim in there.

If you do nothing and the attorney don’t have your documents to file your claim then it will be an uphill battle.

So what should you do to advance your claims with your attorney.

Here is what you do, make sure they have all the documentation they need. If you see there is another W-9 that needs to be filed out because you are on top of things fill it out and send it over to your attorney or CPA processor. Help them help you that is my suggestion. The more you help them getting your documents in the easier your case will be for them to file and the faster you will ultimately get money.

Once you have submitted all the documents to the attorney then you have to wait on the settlement fund to process your request. Many times like right now the settlement fund request new documentation from the attorneys to get from their clients. The faster you get these new request back to the attorneys the faster your claims will be processed and submitted.

If you are really frustrated and new help just send me an email and I will try and see what I can do for your this would only be for the people that have already sign up though my website with the attorneys.