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Help With Your BP Claims

File a BP Claim or a Lawsuit ?


This is is the question many people have when it comes down to it, what is best for their business or them as individuals. Does filing with the BP Claims Office mean you should not file a lawsuit ?

Well the short answer is NO

You can file your claim with the Gulf Coast Claims Facility and at the same time hire a lawyer to keep the pressure on and with them file a lawsuit for the oil spill claim you have. One does not substitute the other in this case you can file both and you should file both here is why.

Filing BP claims and then what ?

If you are filing a claim with the gulf coast claims facility and you should do that, then how long will they keep giving you money for your lost. What if the tourist does not come back to the beautiful beaches of the gulf coast next year, will the BP claim you file now still cover your then ? Nobody really know the answer to this question, your business or your as a person could have losses for the next 10 years because of this gulf oil spill and what it has done in the mind of tourist visiting our area.

File an oil spill claims lawsuit

Take the safe route and play on two horses. So go though the system setup for BP claims and file with them, but at the same time hire one of the lawyers in the area that has setup No pay No cure payment plant for the victims of the gulf oil spill.

First of this means that the lawyer will not get paid until you get paid, so no money out of your already empty pocket so this is good. Second of all everything in life can be negotiated remember that when you sit with your lawyer on the first consult. If you have a big case worth a lot of money to you and potentially them, negotiate the rate they should be getting for your oil spill claim.

Law firms are charging claim victims 15 percent of what they recover for emergency claim payments, 20 percent for final payment claims and 25 percent for compensation won through litigation.

No remember this the first 2 cases are though the BP Claims facility and you are doing that yourself or with your accountant as a helping hand, I would only go with the lawyers in the case they would file a lawsuit and they would go after BP for they money your are owed.

This way you will protect your business in the long run as the oil spill claims lawsuit will like not start until next year, giving you time to collect money from the BP claims fund but still have an out if business does not come back to the beaches.