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Help With Your BP Claims

Florida School’s Consider filing a BP claim

The local school boards in Escambia and Santa Rosa county, are having meetings about possibly filing a BP claim for lost revenue coming to their schools.

So today the schools get their funding from the county sales tax. When fewer tourist comes to the area few sales tax dollars end up at the schools so it should be an easy case for an attorney. The other BP claim the schools want to file is for lost of property value, this claim could potentially win them millions of dollars if you consider the amount of schools located in just these two counties.

What they are out look for is a good oil spill attorney that can handle they claims with BP, and they are willing to go on a contingency basis so no tax payer dollars are used in the potential law suit that will come from this BP claim.

The oil spill attorney’s are offing a contingency basis for not just the big companies but also for individuals so no money are needed to contact and oil spill attorney to have him or her represent you with your oil spill claim. The oil spill claim for loss of property value is probably the claim most residents near the gulf coast will use when it comes time to file an oil spill claim.

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