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Help With Your BP Claims

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We have been helping people getting paid by the GCCF since June 2010, and we will not stop working until all has been paid what was lost. We have setup new catastrophic adjusters and attorney’s to handle your documents and BP Claim from start to finish. You will be talking to people all along the way that are there to maximize your claim and they are there to help you get paid.

We have seen it all. Legitimate losses directly from the BP oil spill that are just sitting at the GCCF, its almost like if you are over a certain dollar amount they will stall you case and keep asking you more more documentation unless you are represented by an attorney.

Gulf Coast Claims Facility (GCCF) Free Claims Review

BP  and the Gulf Coast Claims Facility (GCCF) have launched what many people think is extortion, with the new BP Claims Quick Pay program. Instead of paying interim and  final claims in a timely fashion they are preying on the economically challenged, who must give up their rights for a fraction of what they are owed. There are already suits filed over these tactics and we hope and pray that the courts will see this for what it is and revoke the releases people sign to get the little bit of money they where offered.

To all that was denied or been send a letter where the claim was filed with insufficient documents, join us and let us make it right for you and your family. We have already processed 1300 claims with the GCCF and we know what documents to file your BP claim with and how to evaluate your claim to get you the maximum amount of money with the documentation you give us.

If you are ready to sign up please fill out the free case review on the right.

Don`t Settle for less then you Deserve

We have helped 1000’s of people  with their GCCF Claims

We have Helped 1000`s of people get what they Deserve from BP….We are offering you the best Oil Spill Attorney Brent Coon & Associates with a proven track record dealing with BP. You are also getting me, when you sign up. If you are having any problems in your claims processing or dealing with the attorney’s I want you to write me an email and I will personally help you get things back on track. I am big on personal contact if you need it. I personally believe that the process that we have setup is so good that you will ask yourself why you did not choose this way earlier as for you its hands free (except to get us the documents on your claim)

The attorney’s work on a contingency basic witch means they get paid when you get paid. So it will not cost you anything before you get money. The rates they are charging are 25% on your interim claims and 33 1/3% on your final claims.

The attorney’s will go by the law, so that would be the oil pollution act (OPA) and not by the made up law the GCCF is going by. So that will mean the 1.8 times your 2010 losses that the GCCF came up with is out the window. They will go with your 2010 losses times a reasonable time for you to recover and I will tell you that the multiplier is much higher than the 1.8 the GCCF want you to believe is the law.

They will Maximize your BP Claim for you enough said.

Now if you want to ask questions before you sign up please send me an email and I will help you with what I know and what I have learned from BP and from the GCCF. If you want to hear stories of people that have been paid and how much send me an email and I will share what I know giving you industries and payment amount.

If you are ready to join our team and get help with your BP claims even if GCCF has denied your claim or are delaying you claim. Fill out the form  on the right and get started with us and we will  Organize and Maximize your BP claims today.