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Free Money Lets Not Work BP Claim

I know that I have been talking a lot in this blog about getting the money to the people that really needs it, and I am still all for that, but I am starting to see signs of people not wanting to work because the money from BP is free with no obligations. I am talking about specific times during my day where I see places being closed because it makes more sense to file a BP claim than working.

I am not trying to vent here but last week, my family and I was at the put put course by Pensacola Beach, each day there where 4-6 people waiting for the people that owns the place to come and open up the doors and let us all in, but after 15-30 minutes wait time we would leave and just tell the kids that maybe they would open tomorrow. I was there 2 times and my wife was there 3 times in a week with our 3 year old that really loves put put right now. We did not find the put put course open that week.

Another instance is our local restaurant in Navarre Beach closed down 3 weeks ago, with a note on the door that it was due to on foreseen circumstances in other words filing a BP claim was easier than running a restaurant. This is at a time where the new Navarre Pier, the longest pier on the gulf coast is drawing record crows each day and evening right by the closed down restaurant.

What I am trying to say is getting hooked on BP money and not  running a business or working a job is not a  smart thing. Save the money that BP is giving you is not something that will last forever. The money that now are following from BP will end and when the money ends or are spend you will need to have something to fall back on.

I would suggest everybody that are filing a BP claim and that are getting money from BP to invest it in some new business or some new education that can make our community better and your life better in the long haul. We are here for the longer haul the BP money are not. Lets make it the money BP comes with count.

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