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GCCF Are Getting Pressure On How They Are Handling The BP Claims Process

GCCF Get Pressure Over BP Claims Process

In the news today U.S. Rep. Jo Bonner’s request that the Justice Department did an independent audit of the GCCF and the BP Claims process that have been in place since August 2010. We all know that the speed and the low ball offers that are coming from the GCCF are just design to keep people waiting and to ultimately accept a lower offer from the GCCF.

GCCF BP Claims

BP and GCCF Pressuring People To Accept Their Final BP Claims Payment

This comes right after BP send a letter to the GCCF saying that they though the Gulf region was recovered from the BP oil spill and all future payments should be suspended. This letter was carefully design by BP and the GCCF to make people accept their low ball offers. Its very clear from the GCCF statistics that lots of  people are not accepted the low offers GCCF are giving them. The GCCF statistic shows  18,310 final offers  being made but only 25% of these offers have been accepted.

So in the BP/GCCF war room they came up with the idea of BP putting out a press release saying that they recommend that no more money should be paid out, of course everybody knows with a bit of sense that according to the Oil spill act this could never happen, but they where thinking that maybe they could get some people to accept the offer.

The news today that the  Justice Department will audit  the GCCF could give us the media attention and expose the GCCF on the poor job they are doing.

What happens if I don’t accept my GCCF Final Claims Offer ?

GCCF want you to think that if you don’t accept their low ball offer then you are not getting any money from the GCCF or BP, well let me tell you that is not true. Here is what happens if you don’t accept their offer for a final claim. Absolutely nothing happens and you might even get another offer in a few month to settle for an even higher number. You are in their system and they have accepted that you have a claim because of the BP oil spill. Now its up to you to maximize the money they pay you. Here are a few things you can do.

1. Wait on GCCF to come with a better offer as the trial get near they have to get everybody settled out.

2. Fill out a form on this page and get an attorney to resubmit your claim and get them to pay you what you deserve

There is no reason why they should not pay you for the loss you have had, if you stay in it you will see that you will get what your deserve. No reason to take a low ball offer from GCCF, wait for the right money. Don’t read about it later how people that waited got all they had lost and future losses on top of that. If you can wait for the right money and if you have a good BP claim you will be able to get all that plus some for your wait.

Don’t let the GCCF play with your life and your personal economy let them pay for what they did. Once the media attention are back at the oil spill victims BP will have to pay all that has a legitimate claim.  Don’t let them get away with it. Get You GCCF Claim Paid