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Help With Your BP Claims

GCCF Final Claims Only 12 Month Future Pay

First off who ever came up with that factor that they call 2 (years) it should really be 1 (year) as 2010 is already gone and they have paid you for that year, now they are saying a factor 2 as they want to pay you for last year 2010 and for 2011.

GCCF are trying to Bluff  you into signing away your rights don’t do it

This is the worst bluff GCCF and who ever is in charge over there have ever come out with. They are sitting with nothing but a pile of money that they know should go to the people affected by the oil spill. They think they are sitting with all the cards but when the lawyers start taking them apart they will find out that lawsuits, trials and class action lawsuit will cost them a hell of a lot more than just being honest and good to people that has been affected by the oil spill. If they will pay you 12month today what will they pay you in 3 month to get your signature?

Pushing people to Quick Pay with this bluff

The only reason they are showing you these low numbers for final claims payment is because they want you to take the quick pay option. Its so stupid that they are playing with people life like this. There is no way these numbers are real and there is no way any of you guys reading this blog should ever consider taking a 12 month future payment offer. The effects of this oil spill will last way longer than 1 year, mark my words on that one.

GCCF Final Claims Done by Attorney’s are getting 36 – 60 Month

People are getting 3-5 years future payments from claims the attorney’s we have team up with have put into GCCF, they are trying to pull a fast one on everybody that falls for their BS (sorry my language ).

I have been writing this blog now for almost 10 month I talk to attorney’s every week about claims and people in need. What the GCCF has put out in their Final Claims Protocol is only meant for the people that do not want to stand up for what they believe in. People  that do not want to fight for what BP took away from us, when they put oil on our beaches and ruined our economy.

This offer that they have put on the table as a final claims payment from BP is ridicules and it should not be accepted by anybody out there. In 12 month if the economy is not back to where it was before the oil spill what are you going to do, who are you going to blame ?. If the jobs don’t come back, if the tourist don’t come back.

I want you blog readers to do me a favor as I have written this blog for you guys for the last 10 month, I want you to tell your friend with BP claims with hard ship because of the BP oil spill to come to this blog and learn the truth about what other people are getting in their final claims.

Tell them they can get 36 month to 60 month of future payments to sign off their rights to never sue BP again.  Tell them that the 12 month that GCCF is offering is just another slap in the face for the hard working people that has already been dealing with BP’s oil and GCCF’s incompetence for the last 10 month. Tell them to come here and fill out a form and our team will help them out as we have helped thousand already.

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