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Help With Your BP Claims

GCCF Is Blocking People From Filing Final Claims

This is just in from a reader of this blog.

I was filling out my Final claim today for loss profits, and after filling out all of my information under the loss profit section. I get an error when I click “Continue”. Reading online to try to figure out the situation I came across more information about this.

Website Error Stops GCCF Final Claims

The GCCF is Blocking people from filling out the Interim Claim Form Online by Locking up one of the pages from being finished.
The Claims for Lost Earnings or Profits page. You keep getting a message like this: ““You have made one or more errors when completing this page. Please refer to the error messages.”” I have called over there 20 times and sent many e-mails to fix the problem, their IT Department was to fix this problem 10 days ago and still nothing. With this problem helping people with personal and Business claims alike, the GCCF does not care about your claim.
I have friends, co-workers, and family all with the same problem with the Form and GCCF.”

GCCF Are Trying To Handle Everybody With A Quick Pay

I have been writing about how GCCF is trying to get everybody paid off with a Quick Pay but that people are not able to file for a final claims online and they blame the IT department for not fixing the mistake sounds a little fishy. Maybe they are spending their money in the wrong places.

How to prove the ethic of GCCF

How about this, the GCCF hires an attorney to look at their ethic and pays the attorney $950 an hour, nothing like outside oversight when you are paying the people for it.

“Mr. Feinberg hired NYU law professor Stephen Gillers to write a letter in a seeming attempt to clear Mr. Feinberg of conflict of interest charges.  But as the Associated Press reported, “Gillers was paid $950 an hour with BP’s money” to “declare[] that the czar of the $20 billion claims fund for Gulf oil spill victims is independent of the oil giant.  … Feinberg said the Gulf Coast Claims Facility, created to administer payments from the fund to people and businesses, is billing BP for Gillers’ services. … Both Gillers and Feinberg said they don’t believe there is anything wrong with using BP money to pay for the advice.”

Yeah there you have it, if you are having problems dealing with the GCCF share your stories here, or fill out a form on these pages and join our Dream Team that will make life much easier for you and they will handle the GCCF for you.