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Quick Pay Victims Petition

Sign Up: Petition To Reverse Quick Pay Contract

If you where a victim on the GCCF Quick Pay Scheme, I am trying hard to petition for the reversal of the validity of the Quick Pay contract you signed.

The GCCF on the orders of BP stalled, delayed and defrauded people by stalling their payment by asking for more documents and taking 8 month until they paid legitimate claims. Then right before Christmas in 2010 the GCCF and BP cooks up the Quick Pay scheme to give people some desperate needed money.

By now everybody can see what BP and the GCCF did, they got off cheap by staving people and denying them their rightful compensation. After doing this for 8 -24 month people where finally so desperate that they would take any money that BP offered them just to save their house,car or put food on the table.

What BP and the GCCF did to so many people where wrong and should be reversed.

Quick Pay Contracts Where A Bad Scheme

I am starting up a petition where I will collect email address and when I have enough I will send out a letter for everybody to sign and I will send it to the Attorney General of each state to tell them about the problem and hopefully do something about it.

I will also keep you update via Facebook on any and all developments in the reversal of the Quick Pay scheme.

To do this the best way I have create an Facebook app that you can connect to, this will give me access to your Facebook email to send you the letter to sign for the Attorney General and it will give me access to send you information via Facebook on any development in the Quick Pay fiasco.

If you are in the unfortunate situation of having been a victim of the BP/GCCF Quick Pay Scheme please download the app and become connected. If you will share the app with friends and family that are in the same situation it will get us to more people faster.

Download the app by click on the app picture.

Facebooo Quick Pay Petition

Click on the image to connect to the Quick Pay Petition

Its best if you are login to Facebook when you click on the image if not it will ask you to login.

I hope this will do some good and get us some political will to correct this injustice.