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Given Up On The GCCF Process Yet ? Read This

I am talking to people everyday that are loosing their homes and getting their cars taken away from them because they can’t pay their bills because GCCF is not paying out there claims.

I read today this article about a public trade company Omega Protein (OME) just got approved for 45 million dollars from the GCCF. Yes that is not a typo they actually got an emergency claim payment of 7.3 million and 11.4 millions in September 2010 and have now accepted a final claim of 26.2 million dollars. In a statement earlier this week, Omega chairman and CEO Joe von Rosenberg said that “we consider this an excellent financial result” and added that it is something that “our stockholders can be very pleased with.”

Omega Protein

Omega Protein Corp. operates out of Reedville, Va., on the Chesapeake Bay. It catches menhaden to produce omega-3 fish oil for human and animal consumption.

Now can you say political favor or Inside job or what ever you want to call it. It really piss me off that there are people with nothing waiting to get $20,000 for the actual losses that they had, and then this company comes along with 168 million in yearly sales (not profit) and they get 45 million dollars WHAT …….

And it gets worse von Rosenberg the CEO for Omega Protein said in Tuesday’s press release that the company actually wound up catching 90% of the fish it had originally budgeted for last year. So their actual loss was only 10% of what they budget was for but they got 45 million dollars from the GCCF, now how can somebody sit and approve that over all the people with legit claims along the gulf coast ? I will tell you how, they have a damn good Attorney, Political Friends and Friends on Wall Street.

Who runs the country again ? People that answered Wall Street Got it Right.

Here is a link to the story on CNN

A spokesperson for the GCCF had no comment about the process for approving Omega’s claim. WHAT A BIG SURPRISE

Well I can tell you want happened just by looking at their stock chart (Enough Said)

If you are tried of dealing with the GCCF and want to take your business claim or personal claim to the attorney’s I certainly understand, as this GCCF process is just plain and simply unfair in the broadest meaning of the word. I have a FREE Case review on this website on the right hand side, fill out your information and talk to an attorney about your case. Don’t let chance play a roll if you get money or not. The time of trusting the GCCF is long gone.