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Gulf Beaches: One More Cost of BP Oil Spill

The State of Gulf Beaches

It’s summertime, the fourth of july is less than a week away, and people all over the country are heading to the beach. It’s been over a year since the BP oil spill, so let’s take a look at what our Gulf Beaches look like. The Natural Resources Defense Council just released a beachwater quality report on the nation’s top 200 most popular beaches. Four beaches in Lousiana are still closed because of the oil spill, and three in Florida Are still under oil spill advisory notice. That’s not a good sign for our gulf beaches, but let’s take a closer look.

What is the Water Like at Gulf Beaches?

In Florida, which has 65 beaches on the list, 19 beaches have a pitiful 1 or 2 star rating (out of 5 stars). Only 7 beaches have 4 stars, and none have 5. A lot of the problems with Florid’s Gulf Beaches can be laid directly at BP’s feet. Louisiana isn’t really doing better. They have 5 gulf beaches. 4 of them have 2 stars, and one has 3 stars, so the water quality there isn’t good either. This report is in the national news too, so you better believe families thinking about vacationing on the gulf are going to see it.

Claims for Gulf Beaches

This is obviously bad news about our gulf beaches, but there is good news. If you own a business that relies on income from people visiting Gulf Beaches and you decide to get some representation to get a settlement from BP, you may be able to get your lost income back. Think about filling out our free case review box on the side of the page if you are worried about our gulf beaches and your income for this past year and the years to come.