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Help With Your BP Claims

How to File a BP Oil Spill Claim

The recent oil spill tragedy that was caused by British Petroleum (BP) has affected thousands of not only humans, but also animals and plants that rely on the ocean. Not only the living, even property and developments, as well as the tourism industry (when you consider the beaches) have been hit by this terrible disaster.

BP has to be held responsible for this mess, and if you are one of those impacted by the recent oil spill disaster, you could attempt to obtain compensation from BP for the mess that the company created. BP has announced in the past that 20 billion dollars has been allocated for compensation purposes, nevertheless one has to understand how to file for a claim successfully before being able to collect anything from BP.

A Successful Oil Spill Claim

Obtain either health, property or income compensation due to the oil spill damages from BP by contacting the company directly. This could be done through phone at 1-800-440-0858 . Or alternatively there is also a website that has been set up to manage claims by BP, thus you could apply for an oil spill claim from BP through the site. BP claims are also being processes by field offices in more than 33 field office across the affected areas such as Florida, Louisiana, Alabama and others. There are over a thousand BP team members that are working on the claims, and if reports are to be believed, the number of claims that have been received exceeds 80,000.

What type of Oil Spill Claim

But before you apply for a oil spill claim compensation package from BP over the oil spillage issue, you should understand your losses and the claim application that you are about to submit. You should clearly define and determine your type of claim to ensure that it is not rejected. Some of the claims that you could submit include claims of:

  1. Property damage and repair costs
  2. Loss of profits and revenue
  3. Loss of government revenue
  4. Cleanup cost, removal cost as well as modification and renovations costs
  5. Increased public services cost
  6. Damage to natural resources as well as environment

With regards to the type of claim that you are submitting, you would need to gather and collect all the relevant documents. After sending your documents in for evaluation, ensure that you follow up on your application. If BP decides to contest your claims in the court of law, you would then probably need to hire a lawyer to represent your case.One thing that you should be aware of is the fact that obtaining compensation from BP over the oil spill issue does not involve any cost at all, thus it should be free to submit for a compensation claim. Understanding there are many out there that are not fully aware of the correct claiming process, many scams have emerged, especially online that promise people compensation over the spillage issue. Do not fall for any of these scams that would make you pay money in order to process your claims. Beware of them, and always pursue the right way as mentioned above in order to obtain compensation from BP.