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Help With Your BP Claims

It Is Not To Late To File Against BP

I want to make sure that everybody understands that it is not to late to file against BP for claims related to the oil spill. If you have done your taxes personal or business and see that you where making less money in 2010 you can still file an oil spill claim against BP. The process is still the same you have the option to file directly with GCCF or to get an attorney in your corner and let them file the paperwork for you.

Getting Help After You Receive the GCCF offer letter

Many people are getting an offer letter these days from GCCF and if need help on what to do again we can help with that. If you where denied by the GCCF I would suggest you let an attorney look at it as their might be something they can do to get you the money you deserve. If you have gotten an offer letter from GCCF with interim payments I always suggest that you take the interim payments and leave the final claim open. Do not sign away your rights just take the interim money where you don’t have to sign away your rights. You can keep getting interim payments for 8 quarters and this is the way to go. Let an attorney handle your final claim at the end but for right now just keep taking the interim payments.

Horror story from this week about GCCF

This story came today from the 800 number and  I want to make sure that everybody is aware of what the GCCF will try and do to release you from all rights on all your claims. First many people have multiple claims, example if you own 2 business and have a personal income lost on top of that you would have 3 claims. 2 buisiness claims and 1 personal claim. Well this one person first got offered a quick pay of $5,000 for her personal claim. When see took the $5,000 she did not understand that by signing her personal release she was in turn also releasing the business claims as they where under her social security number. She gave up hundred thousand dollar claims for $5,000 something I don’t want to see happen to any of the people reading this with multiple claims. Give me a call if you are unsure about what will happen if you sign a release or talk to an attorney about it. Don’t make the mistakes of so many others and settle for less than you deserve.