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Navarre Beach, Pensacola Beach Oil Spill Update March 7 2010

Living on the beach is wonderful especially in the winter times when its more deserted here and life is slower. We just had a small winter storm the last 3 days, its really over today but over the weekend there where high waves and plenty of beach erosion.

So today after the storm  I go to the beach to see how things have changed and all I see is a line of black oil where the high tide line was coming up to. Plenty of dead fish and crabs are between the high tide line and the low tide line. The white sand beach  has a dark brown oil line from the waves crashing onto the beach.

It looks like the job the 200+ BP workers have done now for a year on our beach took mother nature 1 day to completely change back to what we knew was coming.

Its almost like all the beach projects they have down here, where they put tons and tons of white sand on the beaches, it takes them a month to do, and millions of dollars., then a few small storms later and its all gone.

We have to know that this will go on for years,  and not to be short sighted and take the money now, when we don’t know the extent of our losses. Remember these pictures before you settle for less then you should be getting with the GCCF, this will last for a long time and a one year window will not be enough to get you through this.