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Help With Your BP Claims

Oil Spill Facts

I understand that lots of money where spend on shutting down the oil spill and closing up the oil well but lets take a look at the oil spill facts and what damage it has done to the ocean ecosystem and the beaches of Florida and else where.

Here are the oil spill facts as of October 6 2010

1. It has been estimated that 185 million gallons of oil has been released into the gulf of Mexico by the BP oil spill

2. BP has used dispersant at a rate of 15,000 gallons per day since May 26 2010. Estimated 1.84 million gallons

3. About 400 miles of beaches in 4 states has been affected by the BP oil spill

4. Hundreds of thousand fish and animals have died

4. The local fishing industry is in ruins

5. The tourist business in the local communities is in ruins

6. The seafood industry is in ruins.

The scientist says “Whether people will want to swim or eat food from water that looks clear but has high concentrations of (toxins) will be interesting,”

These are the grim oil spill facts. I can tell everybody reading the blog the following true story from Yesterday.

My wife was going across the Navarre bridge to go grocery shopping when she saw the gulf shrimp ice truck advertising gulf shrimp for $2.99 a pound, she told me how cheap that was and how many wonderful dishes she could make with gulf shrimp but said she decided not to stop as she was not sure what the oil spill had done to the shrimp and she did not dare to risk it.

This is what the media and the oil spill has done to our perception of the gulf seafood industry, this is an unfortunate event and an event that has to be changed in the mind of everybody enjoying gulf seafood.

The oil spill facts that will ruin this region

For all that has happened for the coastal communities and for the ocean that is around us, the worst that can happen is the help that was promised is not coming as fast as it needs to come. There are thousand of businesses that are waiting for their oil spill claim check to keep the few employees they still have, and the money is not coming. The unemployment for this region will hit 20% before this is over if the government or BP does not step up and get some money pumped into the area so business can keep going and advertising campaigns for a clean Florida and no oil on the beaches can get the tourist back to Florida and the neighboring states.

BP needs to steep up advertising for the gulf coast states

If BP would spend the same money on advertisement as they did trying to keep their good name intact we would be fine, but often in this country after the media attention from a disaster is gone the people still living with the aftermath of the disaster is left to fight for themself.

I hope these grim oil spill facts will keep the pressure on BP and the government to keep the help coming to this region of the country.